Unzip a Winrar file with password – Extract RAR or ZIP easily and quickly

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Unzip WinRAR archive with password

The first thing you should know if you have downloaded and installed Winrar 32 or 64 bit for free for Windows 10 or another operating system, is that WinRAR has the compatibility to create RAR and ZIP files, being useful for inserting the contents of compressed files. Likewise it allows us to create them.

However, although we were able to remove and set a password on a Winrar file, it is normal to forget the Password of a file or, in some cases, we perform a download that does not provide us with your password. That's where we have to resort to other methods to be able to decompress.

If you are following this, we recommend that you follow this tutorial, with which you can unzip both WinRAR, RAR and ZIP files.

Instructions for unzipping a RAR and ZIP file

  • The first thing to do is to download a program. On this occasion we advise you to install elcomsoft, from its official website.
  • After downloading this tool and unzipping the files, the next thing to do is to open it. Keeping in mind that the intention of this program is decrypt the password which has been assigned to our files WinRAR, RAR e ZIP.
  • After that, a window will appear, in which you need to go to the option "Type of attack". Once there, select from the drop-down menu, where it says "Brute-force".
  • We have chosen this alternative because it is the only one that allows us to recover the password, being able to try different combinations until we get the correct one.

  • Then we click "Benchamark" to add our benchmark. That is, through this option you can give a possible idea of ​​the key and thus recover it more easily. However, if you don't know or forget the password, nothing happens. You just have to press the last option "ALL printable".
  • After this step, we will click on "You open" and we will select the folder to unzip.

  • The program will automatically start ad analyze the file and finally it will show us the possible keys. Once you have them, you need to test, to determine which one is correct. It is so easy to get the Password for your WinRAR, RAN and ZIP archives.

Differences between a RAR and ZIP file

Although these files are apparently the same, they have features and benefits that make up the difference between RAR and ZIP. Next, we'll let you know what each of them is about.

File RAR

Undoubtedly, one of the best known and most used files in the world is the rare, as it was designed using WinRAR. One of its special features is that the trial version is participation for a few days, then you have to pay and register it to keep enjoying it.

Its main advantages include its format, which has a greater understanding zip files. Also, multi-volume WinRAR archives have better functions. This format also allows us the recovery record, which will come in handy in case a file gets damaged.

File ZIP

This format, unlike RAR, can be created by different programs. One of its main features is that it can be opened via any program, this is a big plus. Another of his relevant details is his own speed, taking into account that its speed is greater than that of RAR files. It is important to know that it is possible to encrypt or password a file or folder compressed with 7-Zip.

Finally, we hope this tutorial has helped you, however we would like to know your opinion Were you able to decompress your WinRAR files with ease? Know other methods to decompress files without password? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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