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Fingerprint cell phones do are normalized in recent years, thanks to this system we can give it an extra level of security and maintain our privacy in the eyes of another person. One of the attractions of this system is the ability to block applications, although it is true that this function in WhatsApp was conspicuous by its absence, until now . As the latest version of this app is now possible unlock whatsapp with a fingerprint on android, in El Poder Del Androide verde we explain it to you as always step by step and very easy to understand.

What is a fingerprint sensor?

It is a fingerprint reader (also known as sensor biometric), is a device capable of identifying, save and read fingerprints. These pieces are sensitive to touch and have become very popular due to the implementation in the smartphone.

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How to Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint 2022

use fingerprint unlock in WhatsApp, the first thing we have to do is update the application to the latest version available from Google Play or from the following link.

Once updated we must enter the application and press the 3 vertical dots at the top right, a menu will appear and we must enter "Settings".

We enter the WhatsApp settings.

Access control fingerprint on WhatsApp

Now once inside "Settings" we have to enter the section that says "Account", as in the photo.

Once inside "Account" we will see a menu with different options, for set up fingerprint login in WhatsApp we will have to insert «Privacy».

How to Unlock WhatsApp with Fingerprint 2022

Now we have to go down to where it says «Fingerprint Lock», let's go inside.

How to put a fingerprint on whatsapp android 2022

Now we have to activate the box that says «Unlock with fingerprint», in case we do not have fingerprint access configured for our smartphone we must click on "Sets up" and follow the steps to set up fingerprint to unlock an android phone.

Once configured, we must choose the time of control of fingerprint logins in whatsapp, for greater security, select "Immediately".

Now every time we turn off the screen or want enter WhatsApp, it will ask us for fingerprint access to open the app.

And in this simple way you can open whatsapp with fingerprint on android, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks please, it would help me a lot.. thank you!.

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