Unlimited internet on our mobile devices for 24 hours!

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It is true that the Internet is now a primary tool for work, daily life and leisure. But you can also acquire ways to enjoy yourself from your phone that don't require the internet.

Are there ways to have unlimited internet on our devices?

There are several ways to unlimited connect to the internet from yours Smartphone or Tablet. From changing the connection type of your Sim Card to requesting some Wi-Fi keys.

First of all, it is necessary to point out that very few services currently offer unlimited internet, except that they allow a certain amount of data for navigation, which can be quite minimal at times.


Considering the ability to change some data on your Sim Card seems crazy at first. You should know that actually it is quite an effective method and that can be one of the safest.

You must first search the Internet for a free or free APN that works in your country. For this, go to Google and search for it, there will be several options, some efficient and others less, you will have to try some to see how it goes.

Copy the ones you decide to try and now start the procedure, deactivate the mobile data of your Sim Card, enter " Settings »And click on» Mobile networks «.

Now select » Access point names »And there, click on» APN ". So you have to add a new APN, for this there are some devices that have a button " + "And others who say" Add APN «.

Fill in the spaces with the data you got from the internet, generally it is immediately specified where everyone goes.

Turn on the data and try to connect to the internet, if it doesn't work try another one, generally this works for an unknown period of time, take advantage of it while it is still functional.

If you get a better internet connection from your phone, but you also need a connection on your PC, remember that your mobile phone can function as a Wi-Fi router.

Free Wifi

Some places like cafes or malls use high-range open Wi-Fi networks to attract customers, if one of them is near your home you can check if this signal reaches somewhere in your home.

Connect with some friends

Although, most Wi-Fi connections have a security level, so we need a password, but there is no easier way to acquire it than to request it.

On the other hand, there is an App which is a virtual community where people share the Wi-Fi keys of their homes, it's called Wi-Fi Map, you can download it from the Play Store.

With the simple fee of sharing your home Wi-Fi key, you'll be able to access an unlimited number of keys from many sites around you.

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We know the internet is a great tool, but it can also be a great danger at times if not handled carefully.

You should always be careful to study the network you are connecting to, see where it is and determine if it is safe to connect.

Always remember to evaluate the risks of one Free Wi-Fi connection, some hackers connect to these networks to steal personal data from your devices.


It is recommended that you use a VPN if you connect to public networks, this prevents your data from being followed on your device. The VPN will give you security while connecting to free wireless networks.

Sometimes there is no need to find and configure special VPNs, as it is easy and safe to use browsers with built-in VPNs.

It is also imperative that you keep your data protected by passwords or codes. This will prevent someone from connecting to them, stealing them and harming you.

Unlimited internet access is something many of us want. But you will always have to consider the relationship risk-benefit of connecting to unknown networks through some Internet.

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