Trick: how to activate reactions on WhatsApp Web as on Facebook

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As we have seen in recent weeks, WhatsApp is increasing the functions that we can use in WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the popular instant messaging app. The reactions to WhatsApp messages are closer than ever and now we can activate them on WhatsApp Web, you we will tell how to do it.

Some time ago we talked about the possible arrival of reactions to WhatsApp, that is, in addition to being able to reply to a message we can react with an emoji to said message, well, now we can try it on WhatsApp Web thanks to WA Web Plus in Chrome, a free extension that expands the functions of WhatsApp Web.

Le reactions that we can activate through this extension are the same that we have on Facebook, but in this case the reaction will make it seem as if we have replied to said message with a WhatsApp emoticon when we click on the emoji we want.

Experience WhatsApp Web Reactions with this extension

The extension we are referring to is WA Web Plus for WhatsApp Web, is an extension that we can install in Chrome completely free and which adds many new options to WhatsApp Web, which of course we would like to see included in the final version of WhatsApp.

Follow these steps to be able to activate and test message reactions from WhatsApp Web:

  1. The first of all will be to access the website of the extension to be able to install it.

Web: WA Web Plus for WhatsApp

  1. Then click «Add to Chrome».

  1. Now we'll just have to login to our WhatsApp web account to Chrome.
  2. To open the extensions settings panel you will have to click on the extensions icon, which appears in the upper right-hand side of Chrome.

  1. We will then look for the extension and click on it.

  1. A menu with all these options will appear.

  1. To test the reactions you will need to enable the call option «Enable reaction messages», with this you can react to messages from your contacts.

  1. To react to a message you just have to place the mouse cursor on the message you want to react to and the emoticons that appear on Facebook will appear.

  1. By clicking on any of them, the reaction will turn into a reply to a message with the WhatsApp emoticon reminiscent of the reaction.

At the moment we don't know what WhatsApp reactions will definitely look like, as they could be very similar to the ones we have seen, but for now this is the way we will have to be able to test from WhatsApp Web, thanks to an extension that greatly increases the chances of using WhatsApp much better.

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