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The change is taking place: Google is already moving away from its Play Music service to focus all its attention on YouTube Music. Just like the company does, Google Play Music users also have to start forgetting and make the leap to the new platform, on which they can already transfer all the music they had stored in Google's old music service.

To enhance the use of YouTube Music, in addition to pre-installing it on all Android devices, Google has decided to implement a button in its app that facilitates the transfer of all the music you had on Google Play Music. Ti we explain step by step what you need to do to switch to YouTube Music without losing all purchases, playlists and other content that you had accumulated on the platform that will disappear in the course of 2020.

How to transfer your music from Google Play Music to YouTube Music

YouTube Music is postulated as a music streaming platform with great potential, with a Google behind it that is heavily committed to making it a leader alongside Spotify and Apple Music. To achieve this, YouTube Music must be able to convince the public, especially those users who use the Google music service that is about to disappear.

The American company has set to work to allow the transfer of users from one service to another. Aware that the important thing is to facilitate the transfer of music, Google has created a very useful function to allow users to go "to their new homes" without any problem.

If you are one of the Google Play Music users who wants to switch to YouTube Music, fai attention, why We show you how to transfer all your music from one service to another in just two steps.

1º- Download and installa l’app YouTube Music on your Android phone or tablet. Once installed, open it.

2º- When log in to YouTube Music, you should see a screen that encourages you to transfer all the music you have added to Google Play Music. To do this, click on the "Transfer" button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen. It will start automatically transfer the entire music library from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, including all your purchases, songs and albums you "like" and "don't like", playlists, selected stations and the rest of your personal preferences.

Depending on how much content you have on Google Play Music, transferring to YouTube Music will take more or less. Once the process is finished, Google will notify you with an email and a notification. Also, you will notice it because the personal recommendations made by the platform will be updated according to the music transferred from Google Play Music.

This feature may not be available on your Android phone or tablet yet, but it will arrive progressively to make it easier for all those users who have used Google Play Music to access seamlessly to the company's new music service. In addition to this useful button, you should know that YouTube Music also wants to grab your attention by launching custom playlists which, inevitably, are very reminiscent of Spotify.

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