Transfer stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram on Android and iOS

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The end-to-end conversations were done via plain text only, and as the years went by we could include emojis to express our emotions in each of our chats. Over time, many Apps bet to add a little more style and fun, thanks to this we can appreciate what we now call Sticker, its very characteristic design aims to mark the personality.

One of the applications in social networks as the founder is Line, its designers have set a trend in the interest of both consumers and their opponents, for this reason we can see like every social network it has created its brand in animated labels.

Which stickers can be used on Telegram?

Depending on the use and where you are, it is recommended that you do not use images with copyrighted content. In any case, the most relevant thing to use or create stickers in both WhatsApp and Telegram, is that are in .webp format and that their total dimensions do not exceed 512 pixels per side, in turn images with transparency must be used if you want to obtain a higher quality sticker.

How to transfer WhatsApp stickers to Telegram

The first thing you should know is that both WhatsApp and Telegram have the same formats for the stickers, so they are compatible on these two platforms, for this reason there are different options to export depending on whether you are using Android or IOS.

Option number one as a universal method

  1. The first step you need to take is enter the page WhatsApp web from your computer (for this you have to log in by connecting your two devices to use WhatsApp from your pc with the QR code)
  2. You have to select the sticker of your liking that you want to use in Telegram, for this you have to right-click on the Maus or mouse on the sticker.
  3. You are about to select "Save image as ..." and you will save it on your computer in any folder you can identify.
  4. After that you have to enter the Telegram web page and send the file to your personal cloud of the application.
  5. Since it is a format .webp, it will come filed as an additional sticker and you can seamlessly send it to all your contacts.

Option number two for Android devices

  1. You have to enter the File Manager of your device.
  2. Then you will search in the stored folders for one that has the name WhatsApp, then Media and then whatsapp decals.
  3. In that folder you will be able to see all the stickers you have received in all this time and the ones you have sent.
  4. You must look for the ones you want to pass to your Telegram account.
  5. Click on the selected sticker, then click Share and choose Telegram, it must be sent directly to the personal cloud.
  6. Similarly, since it is the same format as .webp, it will automatically be registered in your chat, the good thing about this way is that you can send them all at once without having to select them one by one as in the previous option, this way it allows you to export the packages that Some Apps offer you for download Stickers for free for WhatsApp on ios, Iphone and Android.

Both options are easy to do, you don't have to go through the download processes or install other applications, you just have to choose the process that is easiest for you and that's it, you can share your Stickers folder with all your contacts.

How to transfer stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram on iOS

iOS is much less permissive than Android in making changes to the System, this one makes it very difficult to switch Stickers from WhatsApp to Telegram. For this reason we recommend the 'Universal Method' that we showed you earlier. On the other hand, you can also consider searching for Stickers in another way or saving them directly from conversations.

Save stickers in Telegram

Saving the stickers in Telegram is very simple, just look for those stickers that catch your attention in the chat and click on them. By doing so, Telegram will show the option for add the Pack of Stickers.

WhatsApp versus Telegram

Main differences

Which is the best and the safest? These two networks always surprise us and in every moment they bring us something new, despite their competitiveness, one has a greater demand than the other, but both have managed to include what they are looking for the most, for this reason we can see an evolution constant, that's why its animated stickers are the most used in every server chat.

In the case of WhatsApp, the best thing is that they can be shared from user to user and how save, organize, delete and create your own WhatsApp stickers on Android and iOS, you don't need to have another application to search hours and hours for a package that is to your liking, which makes it more fun and the best case is that they take up so little space that we can obtain a large number of them without occupying ourselves so much in our memory.

It is true that WhatsApp offers an excellent service, but it has fallen into several scandals due to its security and privacy policies, consequently leaving many of its users to migrate to several very similar social networks, one of which is Telegram.

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