Top 8 Android Benchmark Apps: Discover the power of your mobile

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Un benchmarking is a benchmark or test designed to evaluate performance and power of mobile devices, tablets or computers according to the technical descriptions.

In this sense, the benchmark applications they explore the hardware, analyze it, determine what its components are and, above all, what is the power of the device through its performance.

The 8 best Android benchmark apps - discover the power of your mobile

There are currently benchmarks for the mobiles they perform objective performance tests to measure their power or ability ; And even if you shouldn't trust benchmarks when buying a smartphone, here we offer you the best 8 Android benchmark applications to discover the power of your mobile.

The best reference apps for Android

  • Geekbench 5
  • AIDA64
  • 3DMark
  • Benchmark GFXBench
  • CPU-Z
  • CPU X
  • PCMark
  • AI Benchmark

With these apps you can check if your mobile is powerful or not, if it is better than what you aspire to buy or if it works badly.

Keep in mind that despite the wide variety of existing benchmarks, we must choose what we really need, whether we are looking for autonomy or performance for games.

Geekbench 5

Geekbench 5 helps you check the speed of your mobile mobile device

Il Geekbench 5 It provides real-time CPU and GPU testing, quickly and accurately from one to multiple cores such as email, music player or all at once.

The best, fit machine learning and augmented reality ; allows you to compare compatible platforms with Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS and Android ; you can also upload your results to the Geekbench browser so that other people know how good a certain device is.


AIDA64 provides you with information about the hardware and software of your Android mobile

It is a version of Windows for Android which analyzes and reports on OS, battery, connection, screen, CPU, files, sensors, directories, screen size, sensor reading and other parameters of your device.

This app takes up little memory space of the device and shows in detail not only the version of the operating system but also the versions of Zlib, Kernel and bootloader, among other aspects.


3DMark is a popular mobile testing and evaluation application

Excellent application to measure the performance of the GPU and CPU of the device, be it mobile or tablet; It offers unbeatable 3D charts, rankings and lists, as well as testing the device both quickly (instant review) and in longer tests (heavy loads).

Allows you to see the equipment changes before updates, filters, orders and search lists, compare Android devices LG, Huawei, Motorola Samsung and others with recent iPad and iPhone models; so you will know if your Android is at the level of powerful video games. Requires 120 Megabytes of free space.

Benchmark GFXBench

GFXBench 5.0 is an app designed for evaluate performance and stability a long-term device with 3D graphic effects, in addition to measuring battery quality and playback, detecting the capacity of the device (mobile or desktop) to choose later which tests will be needed for such equipment and to provide specific information.

Offers cross-platform and cross-API references (OpenGL and Vulkan), real-time rendering, lights and shadows, easy to use multilingual user interface and how to perform on-screen and off-screen tests.


CPU-Z, battery information, level, status, temperature, capacity

CPU-Z is a wonderful application that works almost the same way as the Windows version on PC, providing valuable hardware information on Android and Windows.

The Android CPU-Z app provides data on RAM, screen resolution, make, model and speed of each of the elements of the device. Likewise, it reports it battery status, level, temperature and voltage and all without requiring permissions to do so. Recommended for his precision and speed.


Information about CPU X, device and system

The app CPU X offers very detailed information about speeds, models, cores, RAM memory, processor, camera, sensors and other aspects of Android devices, as well as search for parameters of other smart mobile devices.

In the same way, monitor internet speed, battery temperature and amperage, as well as information on technological updates, tests various equipment functions such as microphone, bluetooth, headphone, volume, flashlight and many more.

Also, we have to mention other important tools of the app such as widget, ruler, level, compass and emergency signal they give accurate device information.


PCMark compares the performance and battery life of your Android

Il PCMark it's a reference test which compares the durability and performance of your Android smart device or tablet, analyzing aspects such as browsing, editing videos and photos, and performing work with documents and files.

Likewise, it performs storage speed test both internal and external and on the functioning of the computer database, offering a score in relation to other devices.

After downloading the app (which requires a few MB of memory, Android 5.0 or higher and compatibility with OpenGL ES 2.0), you can choose the type of test you want to install, compare with other devices, search for a specific model or brand and also filter scores to determine the influence of updates on the leaderboard.

AI Benchmark

AI Benchmark works to professionally evaluate AI performance

App recognized that performs activities based on artificial intelligence such as facial recognition, image classification, the text prediction, the recognition and correction of imperfections in images and content so automatic and intelligent.

L’ app AI Benchmark provides 46 tests divided into 14 sections that allow to measure the speed, memory and precision of algorithms typical of intelligence artificial how to use of neural networks, the Bokeh effect and other algorithms.

Also, you can upload and test the your TensorFlow Lite deep learning model in PRO mode. Supporta SoC con NPU e acceleratori AI inclusi chip Dimensity, Samsung Exynos, MediaTek Helio, Qualcomm, HiSilicon Kirin e Snapdragon.

Similarly, you can enable GPU-based AI acceleration on older devices by setting "Accelerate" and then "Enable GPU acceleration".

Without a doubt, it is one of the best apps on the list, very fast and efficient that provides everything you need to discover the power of your mobile, offering optimal analysis and results.

As you will see, there is a large variety of Android benchmark applications dedicated to measuring endurance, capacity, speed and intelligence in memory, processors, GPUs and even modems and screen cameras; In short, most of the components of the device are measurable, in this way we can determine how powerful our mobile is and decide whether to change it or keep it.

If you enjoyed this article and want to find out how to run a diagnostic test on your Android without installing apps or root, don't hesitate to take a look at this tip, especially to find out if your mobile's battery is in good condition.

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