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Having the latest software version available for your computer's operating system is one way to prevent your computer from having high vulnerability rates. It also helps to have the latest tools in programs and applications which, for the most part, are only available for the latest software versions.

Software update tools and programs

There are extraordinarily efficient programs on the web for carrying out simple and safe updating operations. On this occasion you will see the best tools free and paid to keep your computer up to date and trouble-free in its operation.

Flexera Personal Software Inspector

Starting with everything, this program is one of the best to perform software research and update. It not only takes care of the software on your computer, but also of updating and installing the drivers.

Try UpdateStar

While it is true that it has a free version that provides quite useful tools, its paid version is absolutely wonderful. One of the downsides of this program is time required to scan your computer for updated software and drivers.

Software update monitoring

This application, the better known as SUMo, is another of the free programs that can give you the ability to update the software on your computer. Of course, downloading the necessary tools for them will not be able to do this directly, since, when searching, it takes you to the web portals.

In its favor is that it is a program with flexibility, that is it can be customizable and apply filters and preferences on add-ons on your computer that you would be really interested in updating.

Patch my PC

Looking for something simple and portable? Then this program will be excellent for you. You can carry it on any storage device, it is not heavy and does not require tedious installation procedures.

You can apply it to any computer you use. Running this program is synonymous with network analysis and updates available for your computer in an easy way.

The efficiency of AppSnap

If there are any words to describe this program, it would be: straight to the point. AppSnap performs an analysis of the different applications or programs you may have on your computer, knowing you by informing you which of them have updates available.

Likewise, it will show you a reduced list of software update options. However, this program does not seek quantity, but quality. Therefore, within that group, it positions itself as an incredible and effective option.

Kaspersky Software Updater

Surely you have it or have previously installed it on your computer or an older one. The famous antivirus also has the necessary tools for update programs and software.

One of the points in favor of this program is that there is no need to wander through the lists of web portals to download and update the software, as everything is done through its interface.

CNET Tech Tracker

This application has one of the best databases for software updates that any other program may have. Therefore, when scanning your computer, updating your programs will be more than safe, straightforward and simple.

The new NetOrbit

Another alternative to consider. It is originally a download manager, however NetOrbit has implemented interesting and new tools for updating the software. While it may not be as efficient as other programs, it is still a candidate to consider due to the simplicity of its interface.

Update notification

While it doesn't offer too many tools, this program is committed to the efficiency of the few it has. While it is true that its database is small, offers download services in terms of updates which are amazing.

Heimdal free security

The security and anti-malware specialist shows a really powerful profile in its paid version. He is also a tireless seeker for software patches and versions. It is an intuitive program that will notify you whenever there is a need for an update, indicating the urgency to take this action.

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