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Error deleting Tinder account… Ah, that little mess, it seems that some Tinder users have had more of a problem lately when it comes to wanting to unsubscribe or delete their Tinder account. Well, in this article: Tinder won't let me cancel my account, we want to put on the mantle of hero and explain to you what you can do when this strange problem arises that does not allow you to perform this procedure and generates some more surprises and annoyances., we hope that it works for you and that you can finally undo the sign up for Tinder.

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Tinder won't let me delete my account [Clarification]

First of all it must be said that Tinder does not prevent or hinder its users from the procedure of canceling a Tinder account or any other of its functions, it always remains in the hands of the users.

Unless your Tinder account is blocked or is under review due to an alleged violation of the terms of use and therefore they cannot access Tinder and, without being able to do so, they cannot delete their Tinder account.

How to delete a Tinder account

Now, if the problem is that when you want to delete your Tinder account there is a strange error and you cannot do it, you can review it and follow the recommendations to fix this problem.

Check the connection and see the alternatives

1.- First of all, you must check that your internet connection works without any problem and if so, try again.

2.- An option to try here is to change the WI-FI connection and connect with cellular data and see if the problem -in fact- is the internet connection.

3.- Also here you can delete and reinstall the Tinder application. This will offer them to have the latest version of TInder and it is possible that this will fix things.

4.- Another option here is to access Tinder from your computer and see if they can delete your account using Tinder web.

Tinder problem

If you believe that the problem is with Tinder and not with you, it is very likely that you already know about it and are in the process of fixing it, therefore we recommend a little patience and try deleting the account at another time or after.

By the way, if there was any kind of Tinder failure, it would be duly notified by Tinder's communications department, its social networks, and most likely other mediums echoing the information.

Contact Tinder Support

Last but not the least there is some chance to contact Tinder support or service for different issues like accessing Tinder which is essential to unsubscribe from Tinder and for this they will do the following.

Go to Tinder support and search for the problem

1.- First, they should go to this help section of Tinder.

2.- Once in this section, they must press the drop-down menu for the question: «How can we help you? »

3.- In this way, this menu will open with different options and therefore here they will choose the one that says: «Problems accessing your account»

4.- A new question will appear: «What happens? » with its drop-down menu that they should open.

5.- Different options will appear and here you select: «I can't cancel my account»

Send inquiry

6.- An explanatory text will then appear which they will have to read and, a little further down, a registration form with which they will be able to contact Tinder and for this they will fill it in with the following data.

Your email: In this box, they will need to enter the email they have associated or linked to their Tinder account (no one else will work and hopefully they will have access to this).

Phone Number: In this other box, you will enter your phone number with which you registered or associated with Tinder and, by the way, it must include the country code.

Technical Information: here they have to explain in the clearest way the situation they are going through or their problem, providing all the necessary information that can help to solve this situation.

Attached files: if you need or need to add an attached file (screen printing, etc.), you must press or click on the link: « Add a file» to browse for the file and upload it.

Finally, when they have filled out this form, they will press or click on the button that says: «Send" And that's it.

In this way, your request will reach the Tinder support team, they will review it and in a reasonable time they will have an orientation or an answer to your problem and to know it it is recommended to be attentive to the email.

Option to delete a Tinder account

Finally, with this article: Tinder won't let me delete my account, we wanted to solve this problem that has bothered more than one and if, for some reason, their problems continue, they can palliatively hide their Tinder profile so they are not exposed in everyone's eyes.

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