Tinder vs Lovoo which is better? Differences and advantages

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Next, we will talk about Tinder vs Lovoo, which is better? Differences and advantages of each of these applications to meet people. However, keep in mind that it is very important to consider using the best photos, phrases and descriptions for flirting on Tinder and also on Lovoo.

Dating app

Dating apps are the norm of the day, being one of the most efficient ways to find a partner or friend d. Tinder is undoubtedly one of the most recommended apps for this, but there are some alternatives like Lovoo.

That said, we'll talk a little bit about how to use Tinder and Lovoo, as well as the advantages and disadvantages each of them offer.


Lovoo is not as well known as Tinder, but gradually it has positioned itself as one of the most important dating apps. Either way, the first thing to do is get Lovoo from the Play Store.

  • Once you have downloaded the application, you can register using your Google account, Facebook or your email. After the above you must provide your name, date of birth, your gender and it is recommended that you use a profile photo.
  • Likewise, the application will ask you for the type of relationship you are looking for, so you can search for something serious, meet friends, anything and there is also the option "Something sporadic". Likewise, you can choose whether to meet women, men or both.

  • After the previous configurations, you will have to accept the terms and you will have already configured the application to search for people near you. Either way, you need to provide permissions to access your location.
  • The operation of the application is very similar to that of Tinder, where you can like (click on the heart) to indicate that someone catches your attention, or you can also write or press directly on the X, which indicates that you are not interested.
  • If both people like each other, a match is created and they can start communicating. Remember that if you click on the photo, you will be able to see the user's information in greater depth.


At this point, Tinder needs no introduction, since it's one of the best-known dating and meeting apps out there. If you don't have it, remember that you can download Tinder from the Play Store and even create an account without a phone number.

  • As with Lovoo, you can log in with your Google account, through your Facebook account or with the your phone number. In any case, the application will require your personal phone to complete the registration. In turn, it is very likely that you will need to verify your email in your Tinder account from your mobile phone, to improve security.
  • Similarly, to proceed with using the application, it is recommended to enable the location. This way people close to you will appear.
  • The operation is simple, if you are interested in someone presses on the heart and if someone does not catch the eye pressed on the X.
  • If both people like each other, they can start communicating.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tinder and Lovoo

  • They are similar: the first thing to point out is that both applications are very similar. In fact, the operation is pretty much the same.
  • Tinder is more recognized: undoubtedly a big advantage that Tinder has in relation to Lovoo, is that Tinder is much better known. This means there are a lot more users on the platform. For this reason it is the most recommended if you want to see a lot of people. In addition to the above, there is the option to review the profile of someone you declined on Tinder.
  • Lovoo is a good alternative: Although Lovoo is a very new application, it is a good alternative to Tinder. In fact, many people decide on Lovoo, so it doesn't hurt to try if you haven't found who you are looking for on Tinder.
  • Lovoo has a search filter: perhaps the main advantage of Lovoo over Tinder is that it has a search filter. With this filter you can set limits for age, gender and other factors.

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