TikTok down: what to do when it happens?

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Sometimes TikTok crashes and cannot be used, a situation that occurs on very specific occasions, but when it happens it is important to know what to do and, above all, to be patient because the services are not perfect and these situations can repeat themselves.

TikTok is a social network that has become very popular in recent times, it allows users to create short funny music videos with a multitude of filters. It usually doesn't fall off frequently, but it's possible that it will stop being inoperative at some point.

The moment this happens, the user can take certain actions to compensate for the absence of TikTok until the application returns to normal and works properly, which can happen in minutes or take a little longer .

Wait for TikTok to work

Being completely sure that TikTok is down, one of the things you can do is simply wait for TikTok to go back to normal, which should happen in a few minutes, that is how long the last drops of this popular social network will last.

So, while TikTok is restored so that everyone can use it again to discover content or create new ones, other types of activities can be done, so you will take advantage of the time when the service is down and you will not wait without doing anything.

do other activities

When TikTok goes down, it's an ideal time to perform other types of activities that, due to lack of time or because you spend a lot of time on TikTok, you have stopped doing regularly, so it's a good time to take back those things that have left the little side behind.

Reading, spending time with your family, doing other things with your mobile and any other possibilities that come to your mind as an option for TikTok is a good possibility.

try alternatives

There are few alternatives to TikTok, but one of the latest that is gradually adding very similar features is Instagram Reels, which also allows you to create short videos so that other people can see them, but if you don't know it, it's a good time to start .

access Reels on Instagram you just have to click on the clapper icon that appears when you open the social network, there you can discover new videos, although if you want to create one to share it, once you click on that option, you have the camera icon at the top to open the editor.

Contact TikTok

This possibility should be checked when you notice that the TikTok outage is more severe than you might initially expect, so you may try to contact TikTok when the service is down for several hours, only then are you likely to get a response.

You don't make sure they get back to you, but this way is worth a try. You can also use this channel later for other types of more specific questions you want to know about the application, as well as being able to report or ask questions about technical issues.

You already have some actions to take when you notice that TikTok is not working and is down, this situation rarely occurs, but it's handy to know what to do in this type of bets that usually don't last more than a few minutes.

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