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Tiktok is a social network that has become a trend in no time since its launch in 2016, having been created in the Asian country with the largest power in the world (China), a platform designed in a period of less than a year, but which has had enviable success where several sources have reported that by 2021 has a registry of over 800 million users in Worldwide.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that this application, available on devices with iOS and ANDROID systems, comes used for creating and shooting short length music videos average of one minute each.

In addition to this it is added that it is used to play music without the need for a video (just one image is enough); This app also has a system of predetermined videos made by the users themselves and become a trend in the world of networks.

Tiktok for business

This social network allows to have a high flow rate for regarding the products or services that an organization can offer, allowing it to make itself known and reach its target audience through this strategy and a particular way of making videos that promote different brands.

At the same time, it gives the opportunity to increase the number of sales thanks to advertising generated by promoting and publishing in this app and reaching new customers, where the space and at the same time the available resources are used. For many startups it is very useful to promote the business in this digital tool.

Advertising of the TikTok brand

As previously stated, this platform does not guarantee a direct sale of what we promote, so we reiterate that it is only advertising that is offered in this space, where the opportunity is precisely that of creating strategies with viral, fresh, authentic, youthful material, which is related to the target to be reached and is related to the purposes of the company.

Below we will give you some tips to make it more useful and get the best out of this app in a simple and enjoyable way for users and potential consumers:

1. Create the content

Once the application is installed, the most important thing for social networks is the content that is shared: for this tool it must be innovative, catch people's eyes and attract real followers; also that it is dynamic, inclusive, trendy and participatory (like videos with other voices, imitating artists, using trending music in videos, etc.). Be creative!

2. Keep yourself informed about new trends

This part is the key to being able to please your followers always or most of the time and attract new ones. What goes viral is remarkable and deserves your sharing.

3. Publish the content

Whenever you post new material, you need to consult your audience in so that he can give you his opinion; They can also suggest new ideas which can be very useful for brand promotion.

Steps to run a marketing campaign on TikTok

At present, the app does characterized by having a mostly jovial audience, which is why companies do not frequently use to sell directly to this new audience, but rather fun or entertainment strategies are created to be able to reach these consumers; It is very little used by companies, as it has no real reach due to the space it offers, as this tool is just for fun.

However, there are several brands that they promote and offer their variety of products and services through this social network, generating valuable content that contributes to "future customers" because it is a blind bet because those who view the content are not guaranteed to be consumers of the brand, but it uses the reach of the platform to attract real followers.

Since tiktok has a youthful audience, companies have used an entertainment and organic content strategy to deliver engaging videos in this way through challenge dances, è possible to arrange one advertising campaign fully able to offer the product or service indirectly without directly selling the product to those young consumers who are on Tik Tok

Create an account on TikTok Ads

Once you are in your ad account, you must click the Campaign option at the top of the screen and proceed by tapping the Create button. From here you have to choose a goal for your campaign, having the options Install applications, traffic and conversations.

Create an advertising campaign

Once you are in your ad account, you must click the Campaign option at the top of the screen and proceed by tapping the Create button. From here you have to choose a goal for your campaign, having the options Install applications, traffic and conversations.

Configure locations, details and targeting

Next you have to create an ad group within your advertising campaign, choose the segmentations and the position, in other words within your campaign you can create ads aimed at different audiences, in the case of position is to select on which platforms you want to display your ad .

Set your ad group budget, duration, and goals

Budgeting means specifying how much you are willing to spend per day in exchange for viewing your ad or the total you are willing to pay for the entire campaign, you also need to specify the expected duration for your ads. Also, details like "parting of the day" you will render more easy to show your ad at certain times and on certain days of the week , you can also configure details such as how quickly your budget is spent.

Design your ad

To design your ads, Tiktok offers you the tool «Video Creation Kit» in where you can find video and image templates with a wide variety of audio tracks that you can use in your campaign. Although there are other applications designed to create ads for Tiktok, if you want to make a more original advertisement.

Optimize your ad

When you optimize your ad, it will show to the people who have a higher conversion orientation - that is, the people who are most likely to participate or be interested in the ad.

Types of campaigns on TikTok

Tiktok has become one of the most popular social networks among young people and some adults, to reach the widest possible audience, companies have designed different types of campaigns ads for this platform, some of the most popular are the ones we have mentioned below. continuation.

  • Buyable ads, this type of advertising is, so to speak, an auction or an offer for advertising space, where the interested parties offer a certain amount of money in exchange for the viewing their ads in certain places or days , this type of advertising allows for geographic segmentation, that is, it is shown exclusively in certain places.
  • Brand Takeover, this type of advertising consists of a banner or a photograph with a message or product when the user accesses the application, which when tapped it redirects to the advertiser's official page , although it is usually quite invasive for the user. 
  • Hashtag Challenge , this type of advertising is more interactive with users of the platform, basically consists of creating a challenge that the user has to face and using the hashtag in reference to the advertising campaign, this requires creativity and to be that flashy enough can become a hit.

Examples of successful campaigns on TikTok

In the past two years, many companies have used the TikTok application to acquire an even wider audience, through creative advertising campaigns some have managed to locate themselves in the trends, examples of these successful campaigns have been:

  • old school Converse using his hashtag #ConverseAllStar, he joined tiktok and revolutionized the app with an interactive campaign that it was about motivating the creativity of its users having them draw their own designs on their white sports shoes. This has resulted in more than 20.000 people participating using its hashtag and 24 million users having viewed its content. 
  • Ray-Ban, the renowned sunglass brand, has become a trend creating a filter for the application that simulated the use of the brand's products by users, such as the filter with the famous brand's 'aviator' style sunglasses. This was done to allow users to take selfies by doing anything with the active filter, generating millions of visits to the company's official account.
  • ASOS , with its hashtag #AySauceChallenge, has made a splash in the application using the fashion of challenges, more specifically the dance challenges . ASOS, the UK fashion and cosmetics retailer, made the brand recognized by creating a challenge where the user had to do a dance using the online store's products.

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