This website allows you to create your own wallpapers made from emojis

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Nature, video games, movies, abstract, animated… There are dozens of categories of wallpapers, those images that play a fundamental role in the personalization of your mobile phone and that you can easily download from our website. But what if you fail find a background that makes you fall in love enough to see it every time you unlock the terminal?

Well, nothing happens, because now you can create them from an essential element in current communication like emojis. Thanks to the Emoji Supply website, developed by Nicholas Jitkoff (Oculus, Dropbox and Google) and Alastair Tse (Google Maps), you can draw all the pictures you want from your favorite emoticons to turn them into wallpapers for your mobile, tablet or PC.

Some or the other we have already created, as you will see below, and we can make sure they are much better than you imagine. Let's see how you can create your own emoji wallpapers thanks to this easy to use website.

With this site you can create your own wallpapers made of emojis.

How to make your own wallpapers made of emojis

Emojis are a very important element in today's communication, as we use them in many of today's digital platforms. WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are just some of them.

You can now create your own wallpapers made with these special designs through the Emoji Supply website. As we anticipated, the process is very simple and allows you to play with different options while creating the design. For example, you can choose the background color and whether it will be monochromatic, gradient or solid; you can decide if the emojis will be arranged in the form of a grid, diamonds or spirals, among others; the size of the same or the model of the image you are going to download.

Of course you have the option to select the emojis that will be part of the image, a maximum of 4. If you are planning to design the wallpaper from your mobile, inserting emojis will be easy, as they are integrated into the keyboard for Android.

However, if you do this from your computer, you may not have the ability to add emojis so handy. Do not worry, there are pages like Get Emoji which give you direct access to a large library of emoticons. You just have to copy the ones chosen for the background and copy them to the Emoji Supply site.

If creativity isn't your thing and you'd rather use other people's designs, here are the ones advised by Nicholas Jitkoff himself, one of the web developers. Love, the ocean and pets are some of their themes.

In case you want to investigate this curious website a little more, you can see all its inside in the code published on Github. However, you have already seen that it keeps no secrets, any user can design their own emoji wallpapers quickly and easily.

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