This is what happens when you cross an Android tablet with a landline phone

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If there's anything good and interesting about Android, it's diversity. Right now we have on the market from foldable camera terminals to traditional small mobiles and even devices like Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha that they challenge the design standards that prevail on the market.

And in this range of devices that defy standards we have the Poptel V9, a terminal that, at first glance, looks like a mix between an Android tablet and a landline phone, and further proof is its design. Let's see what the device looks like!

This is the Poptel V9, half tablet, half landline

If there is one terminal that surprised us, it is this Poptel V9, since it is a mobile - yes, it has support for a SIM card with 4G LTE - which, as you can see, has a strange design, since has an 8-inch screen accompanied by a communicator phone in so we can talk to it. Just like with landline phones.

The device, of course, is not designed to be an updated terminal that you can do everything with. It is not a high-end, and this is clear from the start from its processor Speadtrum SC9832E, a 1,3 GHz QuadCore that will be enough to perform basic tasks.

Poptel V9
Weight 800 grams
Screen 8 inches with HD resolution
Processor Speadtrum SC9832E, QuadCore 1.3 GHz
Operating System Android 8.1 Oreo
Storage 16 GB expandable via microSD card
Cameras 5 megapixel front
battery 1.800 mAh
Others Handheld phone included, LTE, Bluetooth 4.0

The design is an important factor in limiting this terminal which, as you can see, is designed to be supported on a table, which will be facilitated by its integrated board that will allow us to put it in up to three different positions. You are free to take it out of the house if you want, but it is not recommended due to its large size and limited autonomy.

Android 8.1 Oreo is the operating system that runs the device and it doesn't look like it will be updated. Ultimately, it's a device designed, essentially, for calls, and there's little point in having great battery life if it's going to be on a table all day.

For its part, the headset in the shape of a landline phone with which it has, has Bluetooth connectivity and we can use it to talk on the phone as well as to answer calls and turn the volume up and down. The way to charge it is very simple, just leave it on the charging base. The price of this Poptel V9 is around 150 euros, and right now you can buy it for 148 euros on Gearbest.

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