This is the smart jacket from Google and Levi

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Technology and fashion don't have to be at odds. This is demonstrated by brands such as Louis Vuitton and its wireless headphones at a prohibitive price of 1.000 dollars or this Supreme feature phone which by the way, has nothing special.

Although there is a really well-known fashion brand whose products are carried by millions of people around the world, it is Levi's. Even the quintessential jeans brand is completely immersed in the 21st century with a curious technological alliance unknown to many.

The smart jacket from Levi's and Google

What is a smart jacket for? What can Levi's and Google add? Well, in addition to clothing, this jacket includes the latest version of Google's Jacquard technology, already seen in other products such as backpacks.

This technology makes it possible to give a certain "intelligence" to accessories and clothing. In the case in question, the jacket has a label the size of a microSD card, which by scrolling allows us to send certain orders to our smartphone thanks to Bluetooth, such as raising or lowering the music or activating a voice assistant.

As for the design, it is a normal and ordinary denim jacket, nothing extravagant, like the others we can buy in a store. As for its price, being Levi's we could not expect a cheap price, however, for being a quality garment and also "intelligent", the roughly $ 200 it costs doesn't seem too much to us.

Unfortunately, these jackets are only available in select stores in countries like Australia, Germany, Spain, Japan, the UK or the US and shouldn't make the leap to other markets. In the case of Spain, will be available for sale on the official Levi's website.

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