This Is How I'm Trying To Leave The Apple Ecosystem: Mission Impossible?

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I never hid. As many of you already know, I have been an Apple device user for a few years. I currently have several products that simultaneously use an iPhone XR, an iPad Pro, some AirPods, a MacBook Air, an Apple Watch Series 3, a HomePod Mini, and even an AirTag.

The truth is that I have tried to use Android devices but when you depend so much on one brand it is really complicated. The Apple "ecosystem" works really well so ... why abandon it?

Well, for that very reason, because depending on the same company can cause problems. And although my exit from the sect of the bitten apple is not exactly easy, little by little I seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Exit from the Apple ecosystem? If possible!

Nor do you need to cry about abandoning the Apple ecosystem

As I said earlier, there are not a few Apple products I own. Obviously the transition is slow but safe and albeit some devices are replaced by necessity, others do it because they honestly don't give more of themselves.

The first example is my 2017 MacBook Air, a thin, easy to carry, very beautiful computer… but one that creates many problems for me to work.

In addition to being an editor of the website you are reading, I am also a lawyer and this means doing a lot of paperwork with the administration and the Bar. Well, Apple's operating system is not ready for this.

There are not a few procedures that require Internet Explorer - yes, in 2021 - and although Apple is not responsible for the fact that we use such obsolete technology in this country, there is no choice but to use a Windows computer to avoid problems. To that we have to add that my Apple computer came out for me years ago for 900 euros and, silly of me, I bought the version with 128GB of storage, which of course I missed.

The Huawei FreeBuds Pro, the ones chosen to replace my AirPods

On the other hand, we have the AirPods, the best-selling wireless headphones and definitely one of the purchases I regret the least. They were expensive in their day, but they stayed with me for hours and hours of conversations and music lists on Spotify. It is also true that their autonomy suffers more and more.

Why do I change them? First, because they don't have noise cancellation, because the AirPods Pro are really expensive and why I now use the Huawei Freebuds Pro 3, which are cheaper, sound luxurious even with the iPhone and also have noise cancellation.

I already removed the MacBook and the AirPods, now let's move on to the Apple Watch Series 3. Why did I put it back in its box? For one simple reason: the Apple updates.

Apple takes it to heart that its devices have a much longer useful life than the competition in terms of upgrades. True, its five-year-old products continue to receive support is appreciated… or so we'd say if these updates didn't put the Apple Watch on the pedals in this case.

Every time you update your watch you have to restore it from the factory because the device says it has no free storage space. Furthermore, with each update the performance of the Apple Watch plummets, the which ultimately causes not only the autonomy of the gadget to be lower, but also its performance. Result? I better put a conventional and elegant wristwatch on my wrist.

The iPad is the best tablet, there is no doubt about that

For the rest ... the iPad is still the best tablet in the world and while it is true that iPadOS 15 has disappointed me a lot, the Apple device is unrivaled in this segment so I will continue to use it as long as it is useful for me.

As for the HomePod Mini, is it worth it for 100 euros? Despite having a really cool design, the truth is that it is not yet compatible with services other than Apple Music (via voice command). Beyond that, Siri isn't the smartest personal assistant right now, so to be honest, I prefer Amazon's Echo.

Last but not least, I can talk about the iPhone XR, a terminal that I bought in June 2019 at a high-end price. The truth is that the terminal works like the first day and although it doesn't have a 90Hz screen or other features that the most current terminals have, it is a phone with exceptional performance. I don't deny changing it in the future for an Android device to remember the old days… although it won't be anytime soon.

In short, leaving the Apple sect is much easier than it seems at first glance. ICloud migration (data and photos) must be done with patience), switching from Apple Music to Spotify is not difficult and the truth is that even abandoning products like MacBook or Apple Watch is not an uphill battle.

Gradually I use devices of various brands and this makes me have more freedom not only in choosing the products that suit my needs and my pockets, but also in taking the services and applications I want without seeing if this or the other integrates perfectly with the products of the bitten apple.

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