This has changed Xiaomi mobile phones in 10 years

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We can't deny that Xiaomi is one of our favorite brands. Not only because their devices are one of the best value for money on the market, but also because they have a multitude of crazy products in their catalog like fishing rods, cat beds and even steam ovens.

And even if it seems that Xiaomi has been with us for a lifetime, the truth is that it is a really young brand. Founded in 2010, Xiaomi has been with us since that year and the truth is that its history has given a lot. In just 10 years we have seen the evolution of its terminals, not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of design and quality of materials. Here's how they tell us from GizChina.

Here's how Xiaomi phones have evolved over 10 years

In search of the best grip

The grip of Xiaomi phones is getting better

From the first Xiaomi Mi to the Mi 10 it has not rained very little. In these 10 years, Xiaomi's priority has obviously been to produce increasingly better terminals in terms of specifications but also in other aspects.

One of these aspects was the grip. That the new terminals feel good in the hand and obviously do not slip, all this has guaranteed the elegance that has always distinguished Xiaomi devices.

Eventually, phones with better curvature were made, less rectangular than the first models and therefore much more comfortable in the hand, the all with the aim of optimizing grip even without the need to use a cover.

Use of increasingly precious materials

Xiaomi only uses premium materials in its best terminals

In the years the materials used to build a smartphone have also changed. Although plastic was initially used as the predominant material, with the Xiaomi Mi 4 the company introduced metal elements, something that for many was synonymous with "premium". On the contrary, ceramic materials began to be used with the Mi 5 Premium Edition.

Interestingly, despite the fact that «ceramic» is a more difficult material to work with than aluminum, Xiaomi has used this element in most of its high-end terminals. It not only offers a better feeling when you touch the smartphone but also prevents weight gain, also giving a much more elegant appearance.

What does the future hold?

Today's Xiaomi is characterized by innovation and exploration

The history of Xiaomi is a history of change and innovation. The company is not afraid to explore new avenues and just as it launches a terminal following the design line of previous models, it dares to launch rare experiments such as the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha with its strange curved screen.

It is evident that the brand has grown exponentially with the passage of time and that is noticeable in its terminals. If Xiaomi has always stood out for having borrowed some elements from the competition - in particular from Apple - the truth is that today it is a brand with its own enough personality.

Their successes are theirs because they have earned them and their failures are not because they have copied themselves from others, but because they made their own decisions by taking risks along the way. According to the latest results, Xiaomi is about to overtake Apple as the third mobile phone brand in the world and this, dear friends, is not a mere coincidence but the result of a magnificent job.

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