This company sells wooden mobile covers by hand (and they are not cheap)

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For many, mobile cases are unnecessary. According to these users, putting a cover on a cell phone is loading years of work while designing a phone in one go. They make them fatter and keep you from enjoying the premium finishes that devices enjoy today. However, many others think differently, the covers protect the terminal, there are many colors and above all they add customization.

There are covers for all tastes. Gel, hard, solid colors, with drawings etc. etc. The beauty of putting a cover on a terminal is being able to give that distinctive and unique touch to our style. There are also all the prices, some cheap, others a little more expensive… and finally the really expensive ones like these covers that we show you below the whose design and manufacture must recognize that they are something unique.

Make your smartphone truly different with these wooden cases

KerfCase is a company that has leveraged the case business. Rather than offering consumers the typical plastic or gel cases, they thought it best to sell stylish cases with premium finishes. And which material would be best for it? Well, wood.

KerfCase produces cases for iPhone, Google Pixel phones, as well as for some models of Samsung devices. They also produce other accessories, such as card holders or office accessories, yes, all made of quality wood. A real visual delight.

Now, as we can imagine, these covers aren't exactly cheap and some models can cost $ 80 or more. But honestly, if you want to pamper yourself and want to personalize your device in a unique way, few options better than this we can imagine.

We leave you a link to their great website where you can spend hours and hours looking at the fabulous designs. We already have selected some for our mobile devices.

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