These two Xiaomi are among the 5 best selling products in Amazon

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Today we will show you which are the 5 best selling Amazon products in electronics, including two Xiaomi mobile phones which, how could it be otherwise, are part of the mid-range of the company, which launches with the Redmi brand and which, like every year, are the best when it comes to value for money.

Together with this terminal we find three other rather interesting devices, two from Amazon and one from Yoozon, and all of them are quite interesting for the function they are intended for, as well as not being too expensive and distinguishing themselves for having a low price compared to some of its competitors.

Redmi Note 8 in viola

These are the 5 best-selling tech products on Amazon

The best-selling electronics product on Amazon is, at the moment, the third generation Amazon Echo Dot, and it is not surprising that this is the case if we take into account all the time we spend at home, and also the fact that it is for sale makes it an even more attractive product.

On the other hand we have the Redmi Note 8, the Xiaomi mobile that occupies the throne as Amazon's best-selling smartphone in Spain, and that if you are looking for a budget smartphone, it is a safe value, as it offers us a lot for a very low price. And now that the Redmi Note 9 Pro has hit the market, we are sure it will stay low.

In third place we have the Amazon Echo Show 5 package and 2 smart and colorful Philkips bulbs, that you can control from your smartphone or through this Amazon Echo Show, which also has a screen that will make interaction easier.

In position number four we have a product that we told you about a lot recently: an LED ring for improve the brightness of the pictures and videos you take home. And, if you're taking multiple photos at home with confinement, it's a must.

In the last place there is the Redmi 8, the little brother of the Redmi Note 8, which is one of the best budget phones you can buy right now on Amazon and has an extremely low price tag of 127 euros.

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