These are the signs that will be loaded on the foldable cellphone transport in 2021

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One of the most interesting technologies that has recently emerged in the mobile phone market is that of folding smartphones. If it is true that we are facing a real revolution, it is more true that the popularity of these devices among users is not as desired.

Not just for its high and prohibitive prices but also for the many problems that these terminals have to face and which have been truly patented with the arrival on the market of the first Samsung Galaxy Fold.

However, folding screens are the future and brands know it. Samsung is one of the companies most committed to this technology, albeit not the only one, because 2021 is perhaps the year we see more foldable phones in electronics stores. Will this surely be the year of folding smartphones?

These are all the brands that are sure to introduce foldable devices in 2021

It is possible that in 2021 you will be able to buy a foldable phone

It is clear that foldable phones are not for everyone and it is more than certain that many users struggle to accept this type of design; But technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and we have to adapt to it.

Not many companies today have foldable devices. Samsung, Huawei or Microsoft are some of them, but the truth is that the 2021 could be a year of changes in this sense.

According to Ice Universe, several manufacturers would be preparing releases for next year. One of them would be OPPO, a company that came up with a very interesting patent.

According to this patent it would be a smartphone that would fold several times within a single block structure and although it is possible that what is finally released on the market is not exactly the same, there helps us get an idea of ​​OPPO's work and the final result.

The other brand would be Xiaomi, which given the pace of launches that have taken this 2020, we wouldn't be surprised if they launched not one, but several of these devices at different prices.

But be warned, because these two companies may not be the only ones, since Apple could also join the party. A few months ago we were already able to see prototypes of what a bitten apple folding device could look like and although many of us surely won't be able to pay for everything they ask for, the fact that Apple was encouraged with a terminal of these characteristics would undoubtedly make the screens popular.

Anyway, we will have to wait for what 2021 will bring us, but we do not doubt that it will be a spectacular year.

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