These are the lightest 5G mobile phones on the market

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Even if we don't want it, brands will try to make 2020 the year of 5G. Even though we thought the price of cell phones had peaked last year, especially when Apple launched its new iPhones at a not-too-high price, reality slapped us hard in the face.

Among many other features, 5G has allowed companies to sell their phones at a higher price and today there are not a few smartphones priced above 1.000 euros. In spite of everything it is not negheremo, 5G will be the future and while 2020 is unlikely to really be the year we all have a device with these characteristics, we better get used to it.

The main benefits of 5G will be faster data download and upload speeds as well as greater stability in networks, however not all is well. Beyond a high price tag, on paper a 5G smartphone consumes a lot more battery than a smartphone that isn't, so either manufacturers prioritize 5G over a larger battery or add more mAh to their devices. resulting in weight gain.

However, not all 5G smartphones have to be heavy in the hands. Many companies have managed to maintain a more than adequate weight in these terminals, so we will not have to join the gym in case we want to buy a new 5G smartphone. That said, these are the lightest 5G mobiles today.

The lightest smartphones that also have 5G

As you can read on the GizChina portal, the award for the lightest 5G terminal goes to the brand new Samsung Galaxy S20. In addition to being one of the most powerful phones so far this year, the South Korean company has managed to produce a terminal that is not only beautiful on the outside, but also light enough. We were able to analyze the Galaxy S20 Ultra, a much more powerful (and expensive) phone than its big brother, but also heavier, 221 grams.

Other light 5G terminals are the Huawei P40, a great device with a refined design and a magnificent camera, the analysis of which you can consult below and which weighs just 175 grams or the impressive OnePlus 8, which weighs 180 grams and whose analysis we leave you in the following link. All less than 200 grams.

If, on the other hand, we want 5G devices that exceed 200 grams, in addition to the Galaxy S20 Ultra mentioned above, we find the realme X50 Pro with a weight of 205 grammi o il Redmi K30 Pro with a weight of 218 grams.

However, the "heaviest" 5G terminal is the Huawei Mate Xs, which weighs 300 grams. We must also take into account that a foldable phone and that it is logical that it weighs more than other conventional phones. We must also remember that this phone has caused Huawei losses of 60 million dollars, although they do not see it as a failure but as the price to pay for being the most innovative on the market.

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