There are not only furniture furniture «value» Wrong definitions

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There is no denying that the price of mobile devices is much higher than it was a few years ago. Of course, today's low and mid-range has nothing to do with what it used to be, but the price of high-end phones is higher with each passing generation.

Devices like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra or the OnePlus 8 Pro are worth more than 1.000 euros. And while it is not madness to venture to say that at some point we will see 2.000 euro smartphones, the question is: are these types of devices really expensive?

An expensive phone for you may not be right for me

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra an expensive terminal? You can depend.

Smartphones like the recent OnePlus Nord make us wonder if a high-end terminal is really worth buying. Today the mid / high range has features that are quite interesting and sufficient for most users. So why buy a more expensive phone? Fortunately, Android has a fairly large catalog of devices so if a device seems to us to have an additional cost, we can choose a different one.

Because it all depends on the "value" that each of us gives to our phones. Assuming that a high-end device will have better specs, performance and build materials than a budget one, the main question is whether it is worth buying a top-of-the-range phone or a cheaper one for me. And for this I have to be aware not only of my personal limitations (financial capacity, what other expenses I have, if I can afford it) but also of the use I will make of them.

If I'm going to use it to send WhatsApp messages and consult social networks, I may not need to spend a lot on a smartphone, but if I'm going to use your camera a lot or I'm looking for a terminal powerful enough to last 4 or 5 years, definitely my best option is a higher priced phone. Because for a photographer who buys a high-end phone to do his job, paying $ 1.000 for a terminal won't be expensive if the results are excellent.

I mean, are there any expensive phones? Depends. For the average user it might. For such a user, spending a lot of money on a smartphone can be scandalous, considering that there are very valid economic alternatives. But for that consumer whose phone is his office or his workplace, spending $ 1.000 is clearly an investment, not a waste of money. So there are no expensive cell phones, only wrong definitions of "value".

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