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Il DNI 4.0 is the new generation of the national identity document that Spanish citizens will start using from the summer of 2021. We already know when it will be available and everything indicates that it will be a big step in the way of identifying themselves, thanks to the possibility of bring the card to your mobile thanks to an application.

Although they haven't been yet provided many details on what the DNI 4.0 deployment process among Spanish citizens, we know you will have to pay to get it, in the same way that it was necessary to pay to get the previous version. However, there are some specific cases in which it will be possible to obtain the DNI 4.0 free of charge if we comply with the regulations in force.

The app to carry your ID card on your mobile has been in great demand in recent years.

Who can get DNI 4.0 for free?

In general, the renewal or issue of the DNI involves the payment of a fee of 12 euros, which must be paid whatever the cause of the renewal - expiration, loss, theft, advance or deterioration.

However, i members of a large family with a valid title they do not have to pay DNI renewal fees, and therefore it is to be expected that they do not have to pay not even to obtain the DNI 4.0.

Specifically, the people who will be able to receive the DNI 4.0 free of charge will be those whose families meet one of these characteristics:

  • 1 or 2 ancestors with 3 or more children (regardless of whether they are common or not).
  • 1 or 2 ancestors with 2 children, provided that one of them is disabled or unable to work.
  • 2 ancestors and 2 children (common or not), provided that 2 ancestors are disabled or unable to work, or 1 of them has a degree of disability equal to or greater than 65%
  • The father or mother separated or divorced, with three or more children, common or not, even if in different units, as long as they are in conditions of economic dependence, even if they do not live in the marital home.
  • Two or more siblings who are father and mother orphans under guardianship, foster care or guardianship who live with their guardian, host or guardian, but are not dependent on them.
  • Three or more father and mother orphan brothers, aged over 18, or two if one of them is disabled, who live together and are economically dependent on each other.
  • The father or mother with two children when the other parent died.

In case of fulfillment of the requirements, per obtain the DNI 4.0, you will need to make sure of the expiration date of the document, and see if it is later than the month of August 2021 - when it is expected that new types of electronic DNI will begin to be released.

If so, you will have to make appointment through the website of the State Police, and finally present yourself in person at an issuing office with the necessary documentation.

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