The two weight reasons for not betting on a mobile phone with a curved screen

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Since Samsung launched the Galaxy S6 Edge in 2015 - after testing the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge - both the Korean company and other brands have decided to introduce a rather particular curvature on the screen of their terminals, which gives it a very curious look to the terminal.

However, despite how aesthetically beautiful this curve may seem, we think that, at times, it is not a good option, and today we will give you two great reasons why you shouldn't bet on a mobile with a curved screen.

Why you shouldn't buy a smartphone with a curved screen

The curve has no real use

The curve is a rather remarkable aesthetic element, this is true, but it is also true that it has no real use besides embellishing the terminal, since it does not provide any differential advantage over smartphones that do not have said curvature on the screen..

Although Samsung launched its Edge menus a long time ago, these could be seamlessly integrated into any device, as they only consist of swiping from one end of the terminal. If you like the curve aesthetically, it will be a good decision to buy such a mobile phone, but if not, don't think it will give you something differential.

Indeed, not only that, but in terminals that have options to perform navigation gestures on the side - such as Xiaomi - this aesthetic feature can significantly worsen the experience with these gestures.

Screen repair can be more expensive and more prone to breakage

The better a screen, or the harder it is to manufacture, the more expensive it is to repair it, and the case of cell phones with a curved screen is no exception, since, if we want to change the panel or digitizer, it will be more expensive than if we were in front of a smartphone of the same price range, but with a normal and current screen. However, it is also true that there are cases where this is not the case.

However, a smartphone with a curved screen is more susceptible to breaking if it hits the ground sideways and, since it has a larger screen surface, it is less safe in this respect. Not to mention, there are some cases that don't quite fit these devices.

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