The reasons why the side fingerprint reader is a great idea

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Although there are some trends in the market right now, such as the notch, which are used by a large number of manufacturers, each tries to give a distinctive touch to its terminals. While the mobile standard right now is good, it's always good to stand out a bit.

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The points where we find the fingerprint reader most at this moment are, on the back and on the front, under the screen. And the truth is, they are good places to introduce it, each with its drawbacks and virtues. However, the fingerprint reader on the side is a great idea that Apple could also use and we'll tell you why.

Side fingerprint reader, reasons to implement it

A completely smooth rear

The first advantage of this design is that, as with the front fingerprint reader under the screen, placing the fingerprint reader on the side allows us to enjoy a completely smooth back.

This, strangely, gives a touch of elegance to the terminal, and the feeling it gives us in the hand is more premium than if we had the player in the back. Furthermore, it allows the aesthetics of the device to be more uniform on this back.

It can be unlocked even if it is on the table

One major drawback of the fingerprint reader on the back is that we can't put our finger when we have it on the table. However, with this side reader, we have no problem doing that. True, it may not be as comfortable as the front, but using the power button to locate it, we know it will be in a good position.

Also, it usually works a little faster than the fingerprint reader under the screen and the its operation is even simpler, since the area where we have to put our finger is much clearer than when we have one of those readers.

It is fast and intuitive

The lateral fingerprint reader practically always coincides with the power key, and this makes it extremely intuitive, and that the finger, whatever it is, naturally goes to that key.

From my experience with the Huawei Nova 5T, I have to tell you that you don't expect to see much of the lock screen if you register all your fingers, as simply pressing the button will perfectly recognize your fingerprint, too. if you can always choose to double tap on the screen or press the button with another finger.

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