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Pokémon GO is one of the most popular mobile games and currently has a large mass of players. One of them is a worldwide viral phenomenon for a couple of curious details: he is over 70 years old and he plays with about fifty mobile phones… at the same time.

This Niantic title player became very popular when it became known that he was dedicated to riding a bicycle through the streets of Taiwan with six iPhones and three Samsungs connected to a battery, each with a different Pokémon GO account and with which they tried to conquer gyms and raids without the help of other players. From there he added cell phones to his strange system.

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Over time, Chen San Yuan made himself known on social media to the point that in 2019 ASUS appointed him brand ambassador, giving him up to 21 phones to continue his adventure. Today the elder already adds 45 cell phones to his bicycle, although the number may have increased recently.

The veteran Pokémon GO player has 45 smartphones installed on his motorcycle

Whenever Chen is seen catching Pokémon on his bike with his 45 smartphones, he spends more time taking pictures with people than throwing Poké Balls.

As for his peculiar support, the elder places the devices just above the bicycle handlebar, a position that allows you to check all the terminals with a single glance and without obstructing the view.

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