The New York subway has a deadly enemy: Apple Airpods

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Remember that girl who decided to put her life in danger to save some AirPods that had fallen on the tracks of the New York subway? . Well, she is not alone. As it turns out, Apple's wireless headphones aren't the best-selling devices in the world, but also the most lost. Will it have anything to do with it?

And is that while it may seem surprising, Apple AirPods are a classic NYC subway villain where every day dozens of headphones with the logo of the bitten apple invade the subway tracks. A fact that causes some passengers to try to get off the tracks to retrieve their expensive companions.

Of course it is not a common thing but it is a fact that can potentially trigger risky situations on the subway, then the authorities are fed up.

Multiple delays on the NYC subway due to Airpods

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, there are several dozen AirPods that fall on subway tracks every day, forcing workers to paralyze the movement of trains to retrieve them when not to stay alert to avoid heroic interventions by New Yorkers with Spider-Man complexes.

According to the statements of some workers, for days they have had up to almost 20 requests for the rescue of objects that have fallen on the tracks, many of them AirPods. The seriousness of the matter has reached such a point that it is considering placing an advertisement aimed exclusively at users of these Apple devices. Can you imagine it?

Dear New York subway users. Next stop Queens Street, don't forget your belongings before you leave and HOLD YOUR AIRPODs. Thank you.

The moral of it all: do it be careful with AirPods and any other wireless headphones, do not drop them especially in places like the subway in your city. Either way, you can always use wired headphones, the old ones.

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