The most epic mobile phones in the history of telephony

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If there is one general criticism of today's smartphones, it is that many of the models all look the same. something that years ago did not happen with old cell phones. Terminals previously had charm and personality and when you took them from your hand they radiated something unique.

Our favorites were flip phones. A design style that has prevailed for years and that has made the devices truly elegant. A past of models.

This type of design has given rise to some of the most beautiful phones in history and, who does not remember, for example, the wonderful Motorola RAZR?

These are some of the best flip phones in history

The Motorola RAZR, one of the most legendary phones in history

If your first mobile phone was a smartphone you won't remember it, but those of us living in an era before Android and iOS they have a smile every time we remember one of these devices. GSMArena reminds us of some of them.

The first is the Ericsson R380, certainly ahead of its time. Released in 2000, it combined the functions of a cell phone and a PDA, so we could say it was something like what a smartphone is today. It obviously didn't have Android but Symbian.

If Ericsson was a company that made a lot of flip phones, the same can be said for Motorola, the company that started it all. Examples of this were the Motorola A6188, A760, A780 and A1200. With these terminals Motorola had an excellent idea and it was to place a small window on the cover to be able to see the main screen and therefore know who was calling or texting us.

Motorola has made some of the best flip terminals

Time passed and companies continued to mull over the designs of these terminals. As many of you will know, before text messages were written with physical keyboards they had their pros and cons. Well, looking for the comfort of the user, some brands like Motorola, Alcatel or Samsung have done really crazy things with their new models - some really awful - by placing the QWERTY keyboard on one side and the screen on the other.

As a result of this madness, models like the Motorola Backflip were born, something like an overturned laptop that honestly… practically nobody liked it.

The Motorola Backflip wasn't exactly a good idea

Gradually the terminals with covers were improving, not only in performance but also in design. LG was one of the companies that tried to bring this trend back and for this they launched the Wine Smart, an Android smartphone but with a cover. Obviously its sales have not been very good and what the user wanted in 2015 had little or nothing to do with what LG had just unveiled.

But if there is one flip phone that has been incredibly successful, it has been the Motorola RAZR V3. Made of aluminum, this 2004 device has become the most popular flip phone in Europe. Such has been its success that the company has made it clear that a couple of years ago it released a new "smart" version at a truly absurd price.

The new Motorola RAZR is a smartphone with the soul of a classic that unfortunately failed to take the place of its legendary predecessor. Firstly, due to its price of 1.500 euros and secondly, because foldable Android phones still have a lot of room for improvement, so we'll have to wait a couple more years for them to become standard.

While this happens, we can always open the memory drawer and re-fascinate ourselves with our vintage flip phones. There is no doubt that the market has changed, but the truth is that no other current device has managed to stream as much as older phones.

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