The inexpensive gadget that converts the mobile camera into a microscope

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Smartphone cameras have undergone a brutal improvement in recent years, but they still have some limitations, such as capturing detailed images just inches from the object. Although this aspect has also improved, as demonstrated by the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T and its f / 2.4 aperture sensor, the most normal thing is that the your phone still cannot take these kinds of photos.

Don't worry, because on the Internet there are accessories for all needs, including turning your phone into a microscope to capture all the details of an object. Thus we find the KKmoon microscope, a gadget at a good price ideal for capturing smaller objects with your mobile.

The very inexpensive gadget that turns the mobile camera into a microscope

In 2019 we could see the launch of good and successful electronic gadgets, but we did not mention the existence of the KKmoon Microscope, a small accessory that, together with your mobile phone's camera, transforms it into a microscope to be able to photograph small objects.

Weighing only 3 grams, this 20 to 400X mobile magnifier lets you see and capture all the details of paper fibers, drops, fabrics, antiques or mites, among other items. In addition, it offers a field of view of approximately 5 mm in diameter, a resolution of the highest quality and is compatible with Android and iOS.

For use with mobile phones, the KKmoon microscope comes with 12 pieces of mini adhesive that easily attach to the phone and can be removed without a trace. In addition, each of these adhesives can be used up to 100 times, which allows you to take advantage of this very unique microscope.

In addition to the magnifying glass and stickers, the KKmoon microscope comes with a storage box, a slide sample, lens cleaning cloth, lanyard and user manual, which sadly is only available in English and Japanese.

Unlike Diple, the other accessory that turned your smartphone into a microscope, KKmoon Microscope is a product already on the market, as we can confirm with its sale on Amazon at around 25 euros.

If you are not satisfied with this magnifying glass for your mobile phone and want to complete the purchase with other accessories for it, we offer you the following kit, also available on Amazon, which has the KKmoon microscope and 12 slides which will allow you to achieve even better results with the gadget that turns your mobile phone into a high definition microscope.

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