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There are times when finding an ideal wallpaper for your device is complicated, both in terms of colors and shapes, but it is true that sometimes it is not easy. And on the other hand, it is not complicated that none of the funds pre-installed on your mobile does not convince you.

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Personally, I've always liked abstract wallpapers a lot, and they show the icons we have on the screen well, and most of the time I usually put this type of wallpaper on my device, and today I'm going to show you an application that I discovered with the which you can create the most beautiful wallpapers just by moving your finger. It's called Fluid and it's a must download to your device if you are looking for simplicity and good definition for your mobile wallpaper.

Fluid, the application with which to create your own wallpapers

Creating a wallpaper is always better than downloading one, since in this way we can leave the terminal completely as we like and change what we want until it's perfect, or at least from our point of view. And today we show you Fluid, the application with which you can create your wallpapers with the colored smoke aesthetic that, personally, I really like.

Well, this application allows you to create the effect of colored smoke on the screen by simply sliding your finger on the screen, in which, as you can see, there is no other element other than a circle in which, if you press, We will show the application options, where we will be able to control the way this smoke is created.

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After downloading it, I recommend that you play and experiment with it and its settings, which allow you to change, for example, the speed with which this smoke is generated, the glow, the color changes or even the radius of the smoke generated. on the finger., so it gives us everything we need for create the perfect background, or at least to try, although I have already told you that, as you can see in the images, it is not difficult to get decent results in a short time. The learning curve for this app is really short.

Once you have experimented and got the desired results, you need to click on this circular button, go down where it says take a photo and once you have the desired effect, click on the floating camera button that will appear in this button, in this so you will take a screenshot that will ignore the circular button to capture the perfect background. Plus, you don't have to worry about doing it too fast, since it will capture just the moment before you press the button.

I have been testing this app for a few days and the truth is that the results it offers seemed incredible, since moreover the resolution with which you see these wallpapers adapts perfectly to the screen of your mobile from the first moment, and not to you, all you have to do is capture the image and apply it.

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