The dark side of Google Maps that you might as well be a victim

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Let's face it, Google Maps has saved your life on more than one and more than two occasions, both in your city and outside, the truth is that Google's tool can be your best ally when you don't know how to get to your destination.

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However, it may be that everything that Google Maps offers us on the one hand, takes away from us on the other when we try to inform us with opinions about a specific site we are looking for, do you already know what we mean?

Fake content seems to be flooding Google Maps

That there are people who are dedicated to faking comments on virtually all websites that offer recommendations, as a matter of fact, and the truth is that, at times, it is difficult to detect these kinds of comments and ratings, even for the omnipotent and omniscient Google.

But the truth is, as we can read in Digital Trends, Google is facing some challenges when it comes to fighting this problem, and the company spends a lot of time on provide assistance to users of the application in a terrain similar to the "Wild West".

And these publications and evaluations do not always serve to give a positive score, but they also serve to damage the image of some businesses, to their detriment, as they may stop receiving some visits for the same reason.

Google Maps doesn't just tackle fake ratings and reviews, but scammers as well

The company told the US network CNBC that is constantly fighting against local company spammers and it is investing in the development of automatic and manual systems to detect and eliminate these false assessments.

Furthermore, many users also use the Google platform to carry out scams, posting fake hotels on it, taking advantage of users making their reservations online and scamming them for big bucks.

The company currently has a good number of volunteers and teams of employees to eliminate this kind of fake reviews and scams, so we hope that this type of content is gradually reduced on the platform.

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