The code to verify my Telegram account does not arrive, easy solution.

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This is a problem you do check frequently not only in this, but in all messaging applications. And although many may believe that it is due to an error in the application, the reality is very different.

The growth of Telegram

This platform was developed by two Russian brothers. Those responsible are Nikolái and Pável Dúrov, former workers of the VK platform, together with former collaborators. Everyone involved made it possible for this application to be launched in 2013.

Functions and characteristics

In recent times, after WhatsApp's controversial new privacy policies, Telegram took advantage of the opportunity and showed off its advantages. Its main quality has to do, in fact, with privacy.

Messages that are sent via this platform are fully protected. Likewise, they have custom configuration tools for user privacy. For example, you can use Telegram and nobody can see your phone number.

Telegram is also an amazing application from share with friends and family. Its dynamism allows you to play from a chat or a group of friends with the best games, among other great features.

Availability for download

Telegram is available, practically, on all platforms. On Smartphone it is possible to download Telegram on both Android and iOS devices. While, on computers, you can get the application or use it in its web version.

Using Telegram on your computer requires that you already have an active account of this application. Since, to log in, you need to scan a QR code. Once scanned, the task will not close.

How to create an account on Telegram?

Once the application has been downloaded and installed, it's time to learn how to use it. Create an account on Telegram it is a fairly simple procedure. If you've used WhatsApp before, you'll notice that the process isn't much different.

You simply need to provide your phone number information and enter the verification code. Once your account has been validated, set up your profile and everything will be ready to enjoy Telegram.

Do you already have your verification code?

Regardless of the means by which you receive the verification code, there is less time to have fun with Telegram! Take advantage of wonderful and fun conversations.

Telegram already exceeds 500 million users! Help the number keep growing. You can invite someone to a Telegram group and make the most of its features.

Reasons why the Telegram validation code does not reach me

You don't have to believe that bad luck is with you! That the message with the Telegram verification code does not reach you it's more common than you think. In case you or someone you know is going through this situation, here are some helpful tips.

Problems with the telephone signal

The main reason why the message with the Telegram verification code does not reach you ... it's your connection! Many tend to think it is due to platform errors, however it is unlikely (if not impossible).

Of course, if you are connected to a WiFi network, you should check that it is stable. It may be that, not having internet, the request was not made correctly.

On the other hand, you should check that your carrier's signal is working properly. Perhaps the operator has problems or you are in a place with poor coverage.

Invalid phone number

Another frequent reason could be a phone number error you entered, perhaps you did not notice and entered a digit incorrectly, in this case we invite you to rectify the phone number again so that we hope to receive the verification code.

You should also know that if your device it has no coverage o airplane mode is activated,   Sara verification code unlikely to arrive. If this is not one of the reasons for your suspicions, then perhaps the following option could hit the mark.

The code was asked to resubmit many times

When this problem arises, we can face the following question: is this the first time we register on Telegram? , or, the have you done this before?

If you have registered previously, you remember to start the section on another device different than the one you are using right now? If you have entered another device, it may be that it is still active, then the verification code is reaching that device device you were access to.

Request a phone call

Since we already know which errors could affect the sending of the verification code, we can continue with one of the features that stands out the most in Telegram, and that is its call option, but how do we request it?

The first thing you should know is that these calls are available from version 3.18 of the App, now in Telegram you can locate yourself in the in part top right of the chat of the person you want to call, while there you press i three points for you will be presented to choose "Who loves" and thus establish a connection

Telegram calls have their advantages since they use less data and constantly learn through artificial intelligence for you to enjoy.

Wait a few moments before requesting a new code submission

It is right to wait a short period of time before requesting a resend of the code in Telegram since it needs to be verified, this waiting time is usually of two minutes to keep trying.

How to get the Telegram password by email

Many times the fastest option is via SMS, but email turns into another medium though we forgot the password when starting the Telegram section.

We will then require you to apply our password, if we don't remember it let's select the option "Forgot password", when we do, a code will be sent to our email, you may need to see in "Spam" if you can't find it

This way, when we already have the code, we can apply it and this way to come in finally in our account successfully.

Can I enter Telegram without the verification code?

If you don't receive the message with the verification code from Telegram, you should keep trying. Since, it is unlikely that it will connect your phone number without said code.

Another option available from Telegram is the code to verify by phone call. On certain occasions, text messages take a long time to arrive. Receiving through a call can be more effective.

how to do it?

This method of solving the verification is done in a simple way by following the following guidelines:

A moment after you code required via SMS you will be presented with the alternative of "I have not received the code", by doing so a link will be visible and that is where you will need to to press to receive the expected phone call for which the code will be be offered..

Steps to recover a Telegram account with text messages

We previously learned how to recover our account via email, well if it didn't work as intended by that insurance method via a text message, it will be easier for you.

We incorporate as a first step to enter the number we registered with, after which we will wait for a code of at least five digits by SMS, when we insert them where indicated, the application will immediately take us to our account after having detected the mail with that.

And that's how different ways are displayed in which an account may be recovered and solutions they also vary to get our Telegram verification code, this always taking into account that the application does it in the safest way, mainly taking into account ours data and privacy.


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