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While not something that many of you like, you are certainly spending these days indoors. The coronavirus has caused the confinement of millions of people around the world and despite the fact that we have not left our homes in our country for just over two weeks, we still don't know when all this will end.

While it is true that we cannot go out for a walk, have a drink with our friends or just exercise, there is a large catalog of activities available to us to do without having to go out. Watching series and movies, playing a video game and even visiting some of the most iconic places in the world thanks to Google Earth.

And if you are one of those who love to travel and discover new places, you are lucky because * we will show you some web pages for virtual tourism that you probably did not know and all this without leaving the house.

The best websites to visit the city without leaving your home… AND FREE!

The Lifehacker digital medium shares five websites with us for the virtual tourism of some of the most curious places in the world. It is possible that some of you have visited, for example, the catacombs of Paris, but there are other places that we sincerely doubt you may have, such as the volcanoes of Hawaii or the fjords of Kenya.

The catacombs of Paris

Paris, like virtually all of Europe, is seriously suffering the consequences of COVID-19. Today it is not possible to visit the so-called city of love in person, but luckily we can do it virtually. This time we show you its catacombs, one of the most popular and touristic places in the city.

National parks

Thanks to the Google Arts & Culture website, we can visit six of the most important National Parks in the world, such as the volcanoes of Hawaii, the fjords of Kenya, the caves of Carlsbad, Bryce Canyon or Dry Turtle National Park.

Lots of photographs, interactive videos and a guide that explains in perfect English all the curiosities of these wonderful National Parks.

National cherry blossom festival

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual celebration in Washington DC to commemorate the gift of 3.000 Japanese cherry trees on March 27, 1912 by Tokyo Mayor Yukio Ozaki. As surely many of you will not be able to be present in the United States during these dates, its official website is posting numerous videos to show everyone what this year's festival would have been like if it had taken place.

The Great Wall of China

Were you planning to visit the Great Wall of China this year? Well, it won't be like doing it in person but thanks to this site we will be able to visit it without having to get up from the sofa in our living room. It is a virtual tour that will explain to you the most interesting curiosities of this incredible work, so we sincerely recommend you to do it.


More than a tourist site, we leave you a game. Geoguessr is a website that, using Google Maps, it leaves us somewhere in the world so we can guess where we are. The beauty of all of this is that it is not only fun but also allows us to discover new places, perfect for playing with the family in these difficult days.

As we can see on the Internet there are many web pages for virtual tourism. Obviously it is not the same as visiting these places in person, or up close, but given the current situation and that all these web pages are totally free, We can not complain.

And you, what places will you visit when the COVID-19 emergency ends?

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