The best Spotify tricks and secrets to get the most out of it

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Five tricks or secrets to using Spotify to the fullest

Time-saving tips. To make your Spotify searches more accurate, enter the respective data in the following entries: artist, song, album, year, genre and label.

Let's translate the terms you just read into Spanish in the same order: artist, song, album, year, genre and records of a particular discography. This way you will find exactly the song or artist you want to hear. A great aspect of this application is that you can see the song lyrics on Spotify, while listening to the music.

La discovery or the weekly collection is another feature you can access with Spotify. With it you will be able to see the custom playlists that you have listened to recently. In case you want to add more songs, press Explore / Discover / Best tips for you.

Since Spotify works as a social network, you will surely have a lot of contacts. If you don't want them to know what you are listening to, you just need to find your username, click on the arrow and activate the option » private session on Spotify ". This will keep your business hidden.

On the other hand, many users use Spotify Premium for free, there is a possibility to listen to their favorite songs with superior quality usual. To achieve this, follow the path below: Edit / Preferences / High Quality Streaming. When looking for it from a mobile device it should be: Settings / Music quality / Downloads / Extreme quality

Another secret is related to playlist infinite. If you are one of those who repeat songs over and over, you can find more similar topics by right-clicking on the song in question and selecting "Go to song radio". You will see an endless list of related topics.

Related apps that will improve your Spotify

Spotify can be used for more than just listening to music. If you are receiving her services, it is important that you know everything you can do with her. Find out the most interesting and fascinating secrets below:

SpotOn alarm.  It is used as wake up or wake up service. Once you open the interface, you realize how simple and basic it is. During the configuration, you will have to define the time and the music, for which you will have to press the link that appears in that section. It will take you to the files you have in your personal account.

You can also choose whether you want the volume of the song to increase when it is played. You can also use it on different devices that have the same account, that is it can ring on your mobile or computer, depending on where you program it.

SpotyTube. As you surely suspect, this app is linked to YouTube. Through it you can see the video clips of the music you have on Spotify. You will have the list of trending hits available where you are.

AmpMe. With one million downloads, it has become a popular tool for Spotify users. You can also use it with iCoud, YouTube or your own music library. If you use it directly with Spotify, what you should do is enter your account from AmpMe and select the song you want.

With it you can sync multiple devices to play at the same time. It will be very useful in those impromptu parties where you don't have a lot of sound, as when it plays on multiple devices, nothing else will be needed.

Lissna for Spotify BETA. Make sure a music list previously downloaded can be put into "offline" mode. This will not interfere with using the Spotify account. You will have the power to choose between the option " Reader mode » (person playing the music) or " Listener mode » (person who listens to music).

Anything else, you can update Spotify to the latest version to keep getting the most out of it. On the other hand, you can create a Spotify family account with up to six individual accounts. We hope this post will help you improve your music experience.

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