The best secret Telegram tricks to use and make the most of them

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Since its creation in 2013, it has been offered to us as a totally free cross-platform and in addition to offering its source code to everyone. For this reason it has become very popular with developers as they can make tweaks and modifications as they please. In this short article we will try to give you the best secret tricks of Telegram to use and get the most out of them.

Another aspect that makes this application very interesting for many users is its ease of use. In a previous tutorial we were able to explain step by step how to delete contacts from the Telegram application on Android or iOS. So get ready and put into practice the steps we will announce below.

The best secret Telegram tricks to use and make the most of them

Telegram is an application that offers many special functions and features to its users. For this reason, we will try to mention the ones we think are the most beautiful and that you should use at some point, especially its mobile version. Many of these tricks are related to sending files, to Chat, Gif, archiving in the new, among others.

Next we will show you the best secret Telegram tricks to use and get the most out of them:

Sending video messages and voice notes

With this application you can send both multimedia and audio files, simply by pressing the microphone button we can record a voice note and then send it. But if we just press it, we will also be able to send a video. From the settings option we can activate Raise to speak and raising the mobile phone we can send a voice note.

Chat with yourself

This trick has become a classic over the years, as this makes it possible to send files very quickly. This can be done between a mobile phone and a PC or between two mobiles you can pass whatever messages you want, voice notes, videos, photos, etc. With the new update the name has been changed to Message saved.

Protect your messages with a passcode

With this option we can make the application ask us for a PIN code to be able to enter, to do so we just have to go to the Settings option. Then we select Privacy and security and finally Access code. We can also program an automatic block after a certain time has elapsed.

Self-destruction of the message

You can enjoy this option from Telegram 4.2 where it allows us to send self-destructing messages after some time has passed. We can also send Gifs, photos and stickers that have an expiration date. There is no doubt that this application loves fun.

Other secret Telegram tricks

Next we will show you other tricks with which you can count on this fabulous application:

Use it as an MP3 player

Even though it may seem unbelievable to you, Telegram has a special feature that allows you to play music, video and MP3 format files. Just send it and you can count on the different functions of delay, pause, advance, stop. Is that the application can detect several songs and take them as a list so that we can play them randomly or in a loop.

Image editing and photography

The application allows us to make changes to photos in a total way, where we can modify both contrast, brightness, blur, color, etc. It also allows us to include different masks, where through facial recognition we can add wigs, hats, glasses, etc.

And so in this way we have concluded another article that teaches you everything you can do with this type of application. And without many complications you have learned the best secret Telegram tricks to use them and make the most of them.

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