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Netflix has changed the way we consume cinema and films today. This is an uncomfortable truth for many actors in the world of cinema, but between the arrival of one pandemic global and the new generations who understand that they want to have the product directly at home, without having to go to the cinema, it seems that the streaming platforms have the upper hand. As produttore, Netflix wants to send us great previews every week, and it looks like it's starting to take a frenetic pace, as well as with yours best series, which we have already told you about in this article.

Army of the Dead is Zack Snyder's consecration as a lover of the zombie genre.

But let's try to stop and preambles go to the list in question, which includes i more interesting movies so far this year, it will be updated as we get to know new releases, and which include from the wonderful animated film, across the living Dead, To dramatic stories, for which the strange tear is worth shedding.

The best of the seventh art, with Netflix as a springboard

The following list of original movies Netflix will show you that cinema is entertainment, both with the frozen thrillers, as in Bajocero, with the opinions of the media, as in the case of Monster, both with the science fiction stories, come in Space Sweepers.

  • Army of the dead
  • News from the big world
  • The Mitchells against the machines
  • Space sweepers
  • Monster
  • Madame Claudius
  • Oxygen
  • Below zero

Army of the dead

After the thunderous success of his particular vision of The Justice League, Zack Snyder returns to one of the genres that started him in the world of more commercial cinema, with his first feature film, Dawn of the Dead, as a starting point for the story that concerns us. On this occasion, a group of mercenaries must enter the city of Las Vegas to assault a safety vault, although this city is now one of the nerve centers of zombie madness that was unleashed a few years ago, with which the mission Sara will not be easy, because, moreover, these creatures have organized themselves better and have evolved their macabre abilities.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: action
  • Approximate duration: 148 minutes

News from the big world

The juxtaposition of Tom Hanks e Paul Greengrass repeats itself so that the viewer has the pleasure of enjoying a Far West film, of those with whom those of us who comb our gray hair grew up in our grandparents' house. In its plot, we will witness as a Civil War veteran, whose job is to go from town to town to read the news, undertakes a dangerous journey, through Texas, in order to bring one orphan girl in his future home.

  • Year: 2021
  • Drama
  • Approximate duration: 119 minutes

The Mitchells against the machines

The genre animation, which a few decades ago was thought to be intended exclusively for the youngest of the family, has undergone one over the years transformation huge, with films that we would have no problem placing in the top positions of best movies of the year. On this occasion, the Netflix animated film shows us one strange family, the Mitchells, whose road trip is interrupted by an invasion of robots, which they must end, if they do not want the world they know to end.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: animation
  • Approximate duration: 114 minutes

Space sweepers

South Korea is one of the new destinations of the international cinema, often limited to the United States, and we are starting to get used to proposing films that are as new as they are well produced, with weird and curious plots, like the one in the movie at hand. Are in the year 2092 and four very different people, who are dedicated to garbage collection space, they will discover secrets interesting when they try to sell a humanoid robot, which won't make things too easy for them.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Approximate duration: 137 minutes


It is not easy to use arguments based on successful novels, and less when it comes to a genre that is too banal like that judicial, but this film manages to take us to the limit of our strength, with an impeccable staging and a young actor, Kelvin Harrison Jr., which borders on all the specters of the human soul. The presence of actors of the stature of Jeffrey Wright, the screenplay from the book by Walter Dean Myers and careful production, bring us closer to a judicial drama that will not leave you indifferent.

  • Year: 2021
  • Drama
  • Approximate duration: 99 minutes

Madame Claudius

Il French cinema, although it usually has little in favor of the public in our country, it usually offers one concise and very direct view of the reality, as well as using its plots as a subtle attack on aspects of life that should change sooner or later. Madame Claudius did not know that the creation of a elite hostess club le would have brought both money and problems, especially considering that they will be the secret services French who will ask for your precious help.

  • Year: 2021
  • Drama
  • Approximate duration: 112 minutes


Play with small spaces in the world of cinema it seems complicated, much more so if you try to show a mix of genres, in this case adding to the equation the science fiction. In this story, we meet Liz, one young woman that wakes up inside his own cryogenization chamber, to realize that his oxygen levels I'm really bassi and can't get out. Time runs against him and, to add spice to the situation, does not remember who he is or why it is there.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: science fiction
  • Approximate duration: 101 minutes

Below zero

That Netflix is betting a lot on Spanish fiction, rightly thanks to the quality of our work, it is indisputable. On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to see how Javier Gutierrez, which acts like the driver of a detained transport vehicle, operates in a hostile environment, almost similar to the previous one claustrophobic proposal, with ice and cold as protagonists Hints of this spectacular thriller, which will get you under the covers on more than one occasion.

  • Year: 2021
  • Genre: thriller
  • Approximate duration: 106 minutes
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