The best music players with equalizer and visual effects for Android and iOS?

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Maybe it happened to you that you listen to your favorite song until it stops being, because sometimes you just don't like the same thing very much. Now, maybe it's not a basket case nowadays we try to innovate almost daily. But what if there was an option to twist that song you liked so much?

And you can listen to your favorite song from a completely different point of view thanks to readers di e-music with equalizer and visual effects. You can even make 8D music easy and free.

There are various options of these apps both within the Android and iOS app stores that you commonly use and also outside of them, find out the best here.

What is an equalizer?

The equalizer is an artifact capable of modifying the volume at the signal frequencies, allowing different volumes to be available for each particular frequency.

In this way, using a equalizer you will be able to manage the acoustic power of your music and manage its basic tones. So through this, you will be able to tweak the bass and treble in your music and hear a cleaner, more neutral sound.

This can be useful for adjusting the music to your liking. In addition to adjusting your amplifiers or speakers, and this way you can strengthen the sound of your equipment. Thanks to equalizers you can get quality music that meets your goals by managing their functions and without having much time.

There are different types of equalizers among which we can find graphic equalizers, parametric e semiparametrici.

The best music players with equalizer and visual effects for Android and iOS

Although mobile devices have predisposed readers for their use, many times they do not fully satisfy the user's needs. Sometimes they don't let you tweak your music to your liking, that's because they're not programmed for it and have basic playback options.

That's why this time we're going to talk about those players where you can EQ your music and that have also great visual effects. Manage your music as you see fit and thus create new things, putting together your musical world to have fun with your friends.

List of players to download

Now, without further ado, let's see the players available for Android and iOS, it should be noted that each of these are totally legal.

Apple Music

With this app you will have access to  "Beats One" where you will find new music and a great variety. This allows you to use their services for three months totally free, after which they will be paid.

Use the equalizer better by going to settings then select Music, then Equalizer to choose within the profile options.

If you want to know step by step how to use Apple Music on Android, please read the article from the previous link.

BlackPlayer music player

This app allows you to be free, you can change the functionality of your player to your liking, be yourself at all times thanks to it. It supports more than one format. This has an equalizer included where you can virtualize the sound of your music into a 3D effect, even with widgets that make it easy to use at times when it's partially busy.

Equalizer +

Although the best options are in his paid version, it is very functional for users of the free version as it allows you to control essential options. It has five bands as a bass amp, viewer, etc. and offers the possibility of more than ten different profiles in your equalizer.

GoneMAD music player

Seamless music at your fingertips. It has a well designed interface for your Android, its equalizer has sixteen presets and one DSP delimiter.


You can get it for free. It has an interface Cover Flow handy that lets you choose songs, albums or genres in your music, has a timer.

Pi music player

Equalizer with 3D adjustment at your disposal, bass enhancements and five bands. There are options such as the metadata editor and gesture support. Here, do not waste time and go in search of the player who comes as close as possible to your needs.

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