The best apps to know if you are looking to unlock your mobile

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Have you ever had the feeling that someone is trying to unlock your mobile without your permission? Although it may seem very exaggerated, it is one of the most common situations of our times.

If there is something that worries us all today, it is that people outside of us access ours without consent personal informations stored on our devices.

The best apps to know if they have tried to unlock your mobile

Therefore, it is important to have all possible security methods in place to try to maintain the best possible protection. If you feel you are going through a situation like this, here are three apps that will help you know if they have tried to unlock your mobile without your permission.

The best apps to know if they have tried to unlock the mobile

Currently, you can find several apps that assure you of "information" when someone tries to access your computer without yours authorization via a failed unlock.

The fact is, not all of them are truly effective or free. Therefore, we have prepared a little top with the 3 best apps to know if they have tried to unlock the mobile and that work really well.

Scammer hunter

Among the applications to detect the misuse of your device, it is necessary to mention Crook Catcher, a very useful, complete and easy to use tool that will help you determine who is trying to get into your mobile phone improperly.

The application has the option of configure various parameters, including the number of unsuccessful attempts, notifications, taking pictures with the front camera when an unlock error is detected, precise location of the device, and more.

It is a very app complete but easy to use. However, it has a negative point and is related to its free version, which has a lot of ads, and we know this can be very inconvenient.

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Even so, you can purchase the premium version for a single payment of $ 3 and avoid all of these items, as well as access some pretty cool additional features that you can't stop trying.


Lockwatch is one of the most popular applications of this style. It is also free, complete and effective, especially when it comes to wanting to monitor who is trying to enter our phone without our permission.

What makes this app special is that you just need to install it, give it the necessary permissions and do just a couple of configurations to get it working perfectly.

Once installed, the application allows you to configure an option to send you an email to the address you add when there is a failed attempt to access the mobile device.

Lockwatch, ideal for catching intruders on your mobile device

You can configure the maximum number of possible attempts before sending the alert to your email. Now, what information do you share in your email? When the number of successful attempts is exhausted, the app will send you an email with the location of the phone via GPS, a map of the area and a photograph taken with the front camera to discover the identity of the intruder.

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Best of all, you can access these features for free. However, it has a one-time paid version totaling $ 4 which unlocks three additional functions: SIM change detection, take more than one photograph of the intruder trying to unlock the cell phone and register a audio segment to issue a warning ..


This application is very simple, practical and efficient as a security or at least surveillance method to find out who has attempted to unlock your mobile. The app in question is WTMP and allows you, among other things, to keep a detailed log of failed or successful unlocking attempts on your mobile.

However, that's not all this app can do. If you provide the access and permissions necessary, you will be able to know exactly who has tampered with your cell phone without your permission. How is it possible? Very easy.

WTMP is an easy-to-use app to catch those looking to snoop on your mobile

This application has the ability to snap a photo through the front camera of the device when the equipment scheme or password is entered incorrectly. This makes it impossible not to recognize who is trying to access improperly.

The best thing about this app is that despite being in running in the background, it does not affect the performance of your device, since his power consumption is very low and only activates when the input data is entered the wrong way.

No more nosy! Now that you know these three great apps, you can increase the security of your phone and surprise the person who improperly tries to access your information and violates your privacy.

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