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It is no secret to anyone that the use of Instagram has increased worldwide in recent years a due to the amount of photos, videos and stories that can be shared. One of the latest Instagram updates to offer its users is the use of filters in photos shared in Stories, where you can also save these filters to use whenever you want.

Of course, all of these updates are made with the purpose of keeping users happy, as fashion and styles change over time. Naturally, Instagram, in its options for editing photos and videos, there is no Glitter Effect filter, which is why we will mention some applications with this effect.

What is the Glitter Effect?

The Glitter effect, as it allows you to understand the meaning of that word in Spanish, glitter or shine ; expression used when creating a glow effect in photos. Of course, in this case we are talking about how to apply this effect in photos, but this was born because this effect is also done in makeup for the night.

What are the best glitter effects apps for photos and videos?

In general, in social networks, the female audience is the one who tries to keep in their profile or feed one or the other photos or videos that show your face with the Glitter effect. Therefore, this time we will talk about which are the best applications with this effect.

As the first option we offer you, there is Glitter Photo, which is one of the best applications, because with it you can add a sheen that looks natural or enhance the light. We mention it as one of the best because it is a very complete application to edit all the content you want.

We can also citare KiraKira +, also known as the famous app, as it is known to be used by Paris Hilton or Selena Gómez. It is an application with which you can take photos or record videos directly with the Glitter filter activated and you can also adapt this filter to other photos we already have.

Another good option for using the Glitter effect is Shine - Sparkly, where you can take advantage of the bright and glamorous effects and even add little stars to your photos. This application is similar to the one we mentioned earlier, because in it you can edit videos with this filter and take selfies with the application's camera.

Websites where you can edit photos with Glitter

As the technology increases more and more, there are many websites for photo editing, which offer their services without the need to download other applications. An example is the case where it is now possible to edit photos or retouch an image or video, without having to install a program on the mobile phone.

This is a great advantage that allows you to work online from any computer or mobile device if you need to access an online photo editor program. Therefore, at this time we will leave you some sites online where you can find different options, how to place the glitter effect on a photo.

The first website we will give you as an option is,, which is an editor that has many tools to do the photo editing job. If you want to place the Glitter effect, you need to go to the option "Glitter Filling" where you can select the area in the photo you want to fill with this effect.

Another website that you can find considered one of the best is Stardust Photo Effect, where you will find many tools to apply this effect we are looking for. In case of this tool, you need to select the option "Stardust" and apply it.

Social network to post Glitter photos

Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world since you allows you to upload photos and videos easily, learning how to do it is not difficult and we can help you do it. Another good application that few know of its potential is Pinterest  where you can generate visits if you refer to a website and people like it. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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