The best Android tricks you should try according to Google

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Millions of people currently have an Android device in their hands, although very few of them are 100% fluent in Google's operating system. To help the less advanced in the Android world, the big G workers themselves shared some tricks for controlling the system and its apps.

But Google did not stop there, it wants you to continue to progress and discover the multiple functions that its creation hides. To do this, on its website it shares very useful new tricks for Android that they give you no choice but to try them immediately on your mobile.

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The best Android tricks you should try according to Google

Pay for your purchases in seconds

Going through the checkout process when buying a product on the internet will only take you a few seconds if you know how to use Google Pay. Google's online payment system means you don't always have your credit card by your side when you shop. All you have to do is open the Google Pay app, enter your credit or debit card information and select the Google Pay option - if available - among the payment methods every time you go to complete a purchase. Automatically, the payment will be made through your account.

Forget bank cards, pay with your mobile

After adding your bank cards to Google Pay, you will not only be able to pay in online stores, but also in any store you visit. To use it, you will first need to confirm that the property supports this payment method. In that case, you'll just have to bring the unlocked phone close to the terminal until it accepts the payment. If it is successful, you don't need to do anything else or open the Google Pay app.

Forget loyalty or gift cards too

Just as it is not necessary to always carry your bank cards with you, thanks to Google Pay you can also do without others such as loyalty cards or gift cards. First you will need to enter or add the data of those cards in the Google Pay app, as you did with the rest.

Once added, open the application when you go to pay at a store and select the card you want to use. A barcode will appear that the cashier will scan to complete the purchase successfully. Furthermore, thanks to the latest innovations, in some Coca-Cola distributors it is already possible to use this type of card simply by bringing the mobile phone close to the payment terminal.

Listen to the content of the apps

In its effort to improve the accessibility of Android, Google has developed a very useful tool: enunciate the selection. Enable it from Settings> Accessibility> Speak Selection so that it reads the selected content aloud from the screen. To do this, you need to click on the button that appears in the lower right corner of the screen, select the text you want to hear with the box and click the play button.

Increase the text size

Within the accessibility menu you also have other options to better see the content on the screen, being able to expand it according to your needs. Within Accessibility> Vision, you will be able to choose the font size and screen zoom, as well as activate the magnification of the image content through gestures through a function that may be called Magnifying Gestures, Lens or Magnifying Glass, among other terms.

Protect your device with a lock that only you know

Putting a password on your Android phone or tablet is a mandatory method if you want to protect all the data you keep inside it. For this reason, Google recommends that you go to Settings> Screen lock so you can choose the protection you like best: PIN number, pattern, password or even with your face -if it's an option on your mobile- thanks to face recognition.

Take advantage of all the security options

Your mobile is that device that is almost 24 hours a day by your side, the terminal you use for some of the most important activities in your life. For this reason, protecting it with all Android security options should be a priority for you. From Settings> Security you can add your fingerprints to lock apps, create secure folders, encrypt the contents of your SD card, restrict which apps have access to notifications, etc. Enter the menu and explore your possibilities to take full advantage of Android's security features.

Adjust the colors for a better view

Sometimes, the poor choice of colors in applications can make it difficult to see or read their elements well. Don't worry, because you can change the colors from Accessibility> Vision you can turn on the Negative Colors option so that the screen tones change. Besides, you can also go into Color Adjustment to change them if you find it difficult to see some. Depending on the Android device you own, the color functions may vary.

Control the device via switches

The accessibility features of devices are usually the most unknown, which is why Google places particular emphasis on them in this list of tricks. One of them is Switch Accessibility, an option for users with walking disabilities who It allows their to control your phone or tablet with one or more switches. Using this accessory, the user can select items, scroll them, enter text, etc.

Finding your mobile if you lose it is not a problem

Thanks to the Find My Device application created by Google, locating your mobile phone if you lose it is much easier than it was a few years ago. Download the app on your mobile, log in with your Google account and from there you can see the location of the phone in real time (or the last known), block it, sound an alarm and use interior maps to find it in airports, shopping malls or large buildings. If your phone is lost, Find My Device offers you very useful features that will surely help you.

Control all your devices remotely

The Find My Device app also allows you to have great control of all your devices remotely. To do this, you will need to download the app and log in with your Google credentials on the devices you want to control. This way, from your mobile you can access the ones you have connected to delete all data, regardless of where you left them.

Fill the fridge without leaving the house

Instacart is an online food delivery and collection platform that works primarily in the United States. Thanks to its integration with Google, you can find out the status of your order simply by saying «Ok Google, show me my order on Instacart». Without leaving the house, you can do the shopping, know instantly when the order will arrive and thus fill the refrigerator.

Use TalkBack, the best screen reader

Blind and visually impaired users can interact better with their devices using TalkBack, the Android screen reader. After activating this service in Settings> Accessibility, you need to press the two volume buttons for three seconds to start working. From that moment the TalkBack tutorial will start so that they learn how to use this player in the best possible way.

Connect an updatable braille display to your Android

Finally, as a last trick, Google teaches us to connect an updatable braille display to the Android device via Bluetooth to use it in conjunction with TalkBack. You need to install the Google BrailleBack app first, then go to Settings> Accessibility> BrailleBack and activate the latter function. Next, go to Settings> Bluetooth to choose the name of your braille display and connect both devices. Since that time, the screen content of your phone or tablet will appear on the buttons of the braille display and you will be able to interact with it.

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