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Movies and TV series are considered one of the most important digital content of the moment and, in fact, streaming platforms have become a very important element in the daily life of billions of people, especially for those who consider themselves avid cinephiles or fans of TV series . Read to the end and find out what they are alternative to free and paid Netflix.

Internet users have replaced the usual video clubs, popular TV channels with movies and even visits to cinemas using these platforms. It is true that Netflix is ​​one of the most recognized and used by most people in the world, but it is not the only option.

Netflix and the popularity of streaming platforms

Netflix with its great features is not like other pirate websites for downloading illegal content online. Today it is one of the platforms to enjoy the best movies or series of any kind. However, it is important to know about other free and paid Netflix alternatives that may be cheaper.

If you are wondering why it is important to have other streaming platforms for movies or series at hand, and given the great boom of this practice, other options have emerged that show very useful tools for users and, in addition to this, some of they are free and thus satisfy the needs of many people.

Like various payment platforms which to other users seem better than others. So later we will present you a section with the best Netflix alternatives for free today.

Le 10 migliori alternative Netflix free and paid

As we told you at the beginning of the post, it is useful for you to know some alternative platforms to Netflix for free or perhaps for a fee, in order to have other services at hand to watch your favorite movies and series.

Therefore, below we detail some platforms with great features to replace Netflix if you want:

1- Amazon Prime Video

To begin with, this platform is the most recommended. Amazon Prime Video, like Netflix, offers people a one-month free trial period. Then they have to pay up to 36 euros for a year (or 4,99 per month).

It is therefore a streaming content service compatible with Android and iOS devices and Smart TV models (such as Samsung and LG). It provides its users with dubbed and subtitled content in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and French.

In addition, it has the ability to download all the shows and movies you want to any device so that at other times you can enjoy them without an Internet connection. Compared to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video does not show such a large catalog, but promises content for all tastes and even for the little ones.

The platform also offers you continuous and exclusive discounts for Prime members. And it also allows access to Prime Minister Photos (which is a private cloud with unlimited free storage for photos).

2- HBO Spain

It is a platform that was created so that the whole family can enjoy streaming content, and in this sense it is an alternative to Netflix, although it is not free, which is also one of its most important competitors. If you go to the HBO Spain channel, you can see all kinds of series known as Game of Thrones, for example.

In addition to showcasing the company's own products, as it allows for easy access to original house content and for more variety, it also adds films and series from third-party vendors.

One of its best features is that it delivers parental control so that children can see the content that matches them. Which is configured in the "Children" or Teens section and asks you to enter a PIN code to block access by minors to certain content.

Also, you should know that all users can register up to a total of five different devices to view multimedia content, although only two of them can connect at the same time. HBO Spain is compatible with telephone and tablet intelligences, Samsung Smart TV, Play Station, Vodafone TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, among others.

Even if the device is incompatible, it is very easy to see the content being played on the SD card. However, it is not necessary to cancel the first trial month and the subscription does not require ongoing action.

3- The movie

This platform is one of the best Netflix alternatives. It is an established source of online movies, series and shorts that now thrives on independent cinema to entertain its users and keep them updated with the best films from festivals.

In this sense, it brings together more than 10.000 titles in its playlist, which is why it is positioned as one of the best options after Netflix. It also has an option of Premium subscription, which requires a monthly fee of around 8 euros. Even if you want to use the subscription Monthly Plus, the fee is around 15 euros per month.

The monthly subscription gives access to Premium titles, which are separated by a diamond icon on the platform. Among other features, Filmin's interface facilitates a high degree of customization when it comes to recommending movies and shows to your liking.

Bearing in mind that by entering its section «Collections» you can get all kinds of content organized by preferences. Also, you have the option of being able to watch the original version with subtitles or audio dubbing.

4- is one of Netflix's strongest competitors, especially in Spain, as it is an advanced digital video store that allows full rental of movies online or, if you wish, gives you the option to buy them. So with you can also get the hottest releases of the moment. That is why, among other things, it is considered an ideal option for movie lovers.

As for the interface, this website is an extremely user-friendly platform that allows you to find very interesting options and even categories such as «Popular at the box office","Summer offers»Or«Important previews» that include content for all family tastes..

As for the price, you can subscribe to » Wuaki Selection » for just 7 euros a month, where you can find thousands of movies, series and even children's content. This tool works on multiple devices and that means you can watch movies and series from your PC, Android or iOS device, Chromecast, Smart TV and console.

5- Filmotech

If you are a fan of movies and especially of Spanish cinema; Filmotech is the perfect solution to completely replace the Netflix platform. This is considered to be the best and largest online catalog of all kinds of movies, both from Spain and the United States as well as from other countries on the European continent.

Basically, this movie streaming platform was built and designed to offer an excellent legal alternative of outstanding quality to legal downloads in the online world.

As far as pricing packages are concerned, Filmotech displays very competitive pricing in a market that delivers two ways to access. The first is a flat rate at an affordable price of 6,95 euros per month, which allows you to watch thousands of films which, among other things, are unlikely to be commercially distributed and will hardly be hosted on other online platforms.

You should also know that the second type of access is a box office service that provides the equivalent of a digital rental with a 48-hour limit, where you can find the latest news.

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6- Movie star +

It is a new platform created to enjoy television, belongs to the world famous Movistar company that allows you to connect via any smart device, at any time and place, to access a catalog that contains more than five thousand titles of films, series , documentaries and soap operas. Bland there are children's programs for minors in the house.

This makes the platform a great alternative to Netflix and has gained considerable notoriety in the online TV services environment for a long time. Movistar + is based on a basic option that offers approx 80 channels of each type, and this for only 20 euros per month.

However, with this tool, the same users can create other types of packages to add series channels for at least 5 euros per month, another that also costs around 9 euros per month to add more movie channels, and one specifically for sports channels and entertainment, paying a total of 20 euros per month.

Although in general it includes other packages such as the Premium, Premium Extra and Premium Total alternatives, which you can consult directly on the site itself.


Fortunately, this platform is one of the best alternatives to Netflix for free in its entirety. It allows you to enjoy various types of content, just like on Netflix. Flooxer was developed by the well-known digital video platform that bears the name of Atresmedia and works in a similar way to the social network YouTube.

Therefore, it intends to offer great help in broadcasting hits around the world, such as the first season of Paquita Salas or Looser. You should also keep in mind that it brings together a wide variety of categories, among which humor, action, fiction, cinema, television, lifestyle, motors, sports, cooking, music, travel and even a section with content for children stand out.

This means that adapts to the tastes of each user. Among other important aspects, Flooxer offers you the possibility of high-quality videos that aim to increase the visibility and quality of the creators of the natural digital world. Moreover, it has become the latest and youngest streaming service available today and its operation is very simple.

8- SkyTV

This may be the best known option of all, this platform is one of the alternatives to Netflix for free, at least one month. Since, like Netflix, it offers a free month as a trial period for all users. This platform arrived in Spain around 2017 and, as long as there are no residency commitments, accepts a monthly payment of 10 euros as a lump sum.

For the same price, it supports simultaneous playback on up to three different devices. However, Sky TV does not allow you to download content and therefore does not support offline playback.

Other features of the platform include 3.600 hours of content across movies and series of all kinds, with full plays from 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, NBCU and even Paramount.

It also brings you kids content directly from some world-famous TV channels and in the case of adult content it adds only 12 channels which are part of the usual pay channel package which includes mobile operators like Movistar, Orange and Vodafone in Spain. Thus, the platform presents a slight improvement in the channel offer, but only for users who have free DTT.

9- Impressed by the movie

It is a platform designed for streaming movies, considered one of the newest alternatives to Netflix. It originally arrived in the United States, France and the United Kingdom, to be available in Spain a few years later.

The main goal is to bridge the large gap between more specialized streaming services and generic ones such as those for TV series and movies. That is why its price is only 5,99 euros per month or 59,90 euros per year, to finally cancel only 4,99 euros per month.

As for the languages ​​it offers, all the contents are available in the original version and with subtitles, and some films can even be dubbed.

On the other hand, the offline option is not yet available, however on this platform you can enjoy up to 200 titles of various styles which, although they are not recommended individually, you can also make them better suit what you want.

Filmstruck impresses with its extra content, such as some original interviews in the films. It also includes great content from European cinema, Asia and especially the United States.

10-Rakuten TV

We recommend that you enter and use this platform, which offers more than 40.000 titles, mostly in Europe, considered the largest 4K HDR catalog on the continent. As for the languages ​​it offers, we can highlight Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch and Portuguese. The service acquisition operation refers to the purchase or rental of films individually and without the need for prior subscription to the same.

However, it does offer a subscription service known as «Rakuten Wuaki» with a monthly price of around 7 euros. On the other hand, it does not offer a free trial period like Netflix does, but only allows you to rent or buy a cheap movie (prices are at least 2 euros).

It should be noted that allows offline viewing and this attracts millions of users every day, which means that in addition to this it also recommends titles in a personalized way and well, depending on what each person consumes or spends on the platform..

You should also know that experts point out that so far Rakuten TV intends to position itself as the best platform to postpone attendance at the cinema and make watching movies or series at home a more attractive habit. Finally, Rakuten TV is compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, iOS devices, game consoles, Smart TVs, Google Chromecast and is available on the official website.

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