The bad notch in Android's recent history

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Yes or notch? In addition to the pun, that question includes the most controversial element added to smartphones in recent years: the beloved and hated notch. We must clarify that, despite its recent popularity, this eyebrow first appeared in 2006 on the Motorola Motofone F3, the very first notch phone.

Although there are several phones that have avoided the notch through mechanical systems, this eyebrow has been a common feature in cell phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, Apple and many other companies. There have been great projects, we recognize it, but it is time to look back to agree with the "haters" by picking up the notches of horror.

The ugliest notches in recent Android history

The side notch of ZTE Axon V

"Who dares, wins", from ZTE to think when designing this particular notch so ... ZTE Axon V. In order not to ruin the beautiful screen it had designed, the company decided to point to a lateral eyebrow to include the two front cameras.

The final design of the ZTE Axon V remains something very strange that we had not seen so far. By including that side notch, one of the ends is wider, limiting the comfort of the terminal. Without a doubt, this ZTE thought-out eyebrow deserves its corresponding place in this horror anthology.

Archos Oxygen 68XL, which is how to put a notch in a corner

Each phone manufacturer has brought a different point of view when it comes to creating their own notch. We have them in the shape of a drop, with square or rounded edges, some wider or longer, centered on the screen or even located in the corner. Yup, this is how the French company Archos decided for its Oxygen 68XL.

With its presentation at MWC 2019, the Archos Oxygen 68XL became the first mobile phone in the world to have a side notch. As you can see in the image above, the eyebrow is in the upper right corner and has the only front camera of the terminal. Archos' risky bet to create something different from the competition is to be recognized, even if his attempt was left in a notch of dubious taste which from now on we want to forget the aspect.

The party of the notch in the Sharp Aquos R2 Compact

When one is insufficient, it is best to introduce another to start the notch party. This is what Sharp did with its Aquos R2 Compact, a mobile in which we can see an eyebrow at the top of the phone and another at the bottom. In trying to keep the fingerprint reader by minimizing the lower frame, the company was forced to introduce this second notch which damages the visual appearance of the model.

It seems Sharp hasn't regretted much about creating this double notch, since the he reused for his Aquos R3. Despite the manufacturer's insistence, we believe this design should be part of the notch horror anthology in Android. One eyebrow is more than enough.

Other crazy concepts for the notch

The aforementioned notches have become a reality, but they are there other crazy concepts that, fortunately, have remained only in that. We are talking about the ZTE Iceberg, which aspires to become the first terminal in the world with double notch. We leave you an image for you to judge by yourself.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi was thinking about mobile designs with the inverted notch for save as much space for the panel as possible. Samsung has also thoroughly studied the possibilities of the notch and has come to present four variants of the eyebrow with their respective names: Infinity U, Infinity V, Infinity O and New Infinity.

You have already verified that the ugliest notches in recent Android history are very varied, appearing from the side twice. Let's hope these horror patterns remain in the past and that manufacturers think better before including these types of eyebrows in so that this anthology does not have a second part.

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