The 7 Guinness record achieved by Xiaomi to date

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Xiaomi is not doing badly when it comes to selling mobile phones, it is quite easy to find it at the top of the world lists with some of its best-selling terminals in 2019. However, the Chinese company is not only concerned with launching the best phones on the market, but also to be protagonist of the Guinness Book of Records mainly related to technology.

Specifically, Xiaomi has so far obtained 7 Guinness records which make it one of the technology companies with the most achievements of this institution. Next, let's delve into Xiaomi's history to find out how the company hit all those Guinness records.

Xiaomi's 7 Guinness Book of Records to date

The largest mosaic of notebooks in the world

On November 8, 2019, Xiaomi India achieved a Guinness record by creating the largest mosaic in the world made with notebooks, among other things in recycled paper. The brand took place in Mumbai (India) on the occasion of Children's Day and it was possible thanks to the almost 200 square meters that the mosaic occupied.

The largest individual donation of school supplies

After completing the mosaic of notebooks, Xiaomi India donated all the school supplies used to the NGO Robin Hood Army, thus making the largest individual donation of school supplies, as certified by the Guinness Book of Records. Specifically, the company has donated more than 18.000 kg of material to children of the Indian institute.

To distribute the notebooks, Xiaomi partnered with the United Ways company. With this donation the company wanted encourage children to study to create a future for themselves. "This activity is extremely special for us, as we are trying to create potential opportunities for the generation of tomorrow," explained Anuj Sharma, CMO of Xiaomi India.

To appreciate the initiative of the technology giant to celebrate Children's Day, an act of good will in front of which the two Guinness records obtained remain a simple anecdote. Below you can see the video published by Xiaomi India about the event.

The largest luminous mosaic in the world

It seems that Xiaomi's division in India is very fond of mosaics, because on 11 September 2018 it obtained another Guinness Book of Records by making the largest mosaic of light in the world. The company took place in Bengaluru (India) on the occasion of the opening of a new company headquarters and to build it they were 9.690 white and orange bulbs required.

The mosaic, which featured the Mi brand logo, it measured 53,81 square meters, large enough to become the largest luminous mosaic created to date.

Bestsellers of wearables

According to Guinness World Records, Xiaomi was the largest wearable retailer in the world in 2018, with estimated sales of 18.643.300 units. This data, based on research conducted on December 3, 2018, places the Apple Watch in second place with 15.384.700 units sold.

The largest animated mosaic in the world with mobile phones

That's right, Xiaomi celebrated Christmas 2018 by establishing a new Guinness Book of Records by building a Christmas tree with more than 1.000 mobile phones. It was not formed by any phone, but by the Xiaomi Mi Play, the device that the company presented at that time.

The difficulty of the Guinness Book of Records was not only hidden in the construction of an 8 meter high tree with furniture, as it has shown also a Christmas scene in its entirety. To create this image, the makers of the mosaic had to coordinate the more than 1.000 phones, an arduous task that was successfully completed, as you can see in the following image.

Largest simultaneous store openings to date

Once again, Xiaomi India starred in another of the company's follies by opening 500 stores simultaneously in 14 states of the country, which gave it a new Guinness record. The feat took place on October 29, 2018 and was one of Xiaomi's plans to grow in India, where he wanted to open more than 5.000 stores by the end of 2019.

The largest simultaneous unboxing in history

Xiaomi's latest Guinness record took place in that country where the manufacturer has not yet sold its products: the United States. On December 21, 2019, the company has gathered 703 people around the One World Trade Center of New York to carry out the largest simultaneous unboxing - unpacking of products - in history, an action for which it has already earned the title of Guinness World Records.

Participants in the record only had 5 minutes to open the boxes of products such as external batteries, scooters, Mi band smart bracelets or wireless chargers, among other Xiaomi devices. The mission of the Chinese company has ended successfully and has thus obtained the seventh of the Guinness records that it still has in force.

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