The 7 best features and news of the new Samsung Galaxy Note20

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The new Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra have already arrived and intend to become the two reference mobile phones on the market in 2020.

For this, Samsung has decided to supply its latest phones with the more advanced technologies we've ever seen in a Note series cellphone, and despite their similarities to last year's models, this pair of terminals incorporates interesting news which is worth keeping in mind.

The front of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

1. The most advanced and smartest S-Pen to date

Again, it is S-Pen smart style is the main protagonist of the Note series.

On this occasion, Samsung has equipped its new phones with one S-Pen which increases its sensitivity to 4.096 pressure levels, the highest figure in the history of the Note series.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra's S-Pen is the best to date.

Beyond that, the company not only retains the gesture control introduced alongside the Note10, but also offers the ability to create custom gestures to perform different actions.

However, the main novelty of this S-Pen is its new one race prediction system, which allowed Samsung to reduce the response time of the stylus just 9 milliseconds. This feature, of course, is only available on the Ultra model.

2. The best camera seen on a Samsung so far

With the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, Samsung has decided to follow the same path as the S20 Ultra in terms of photography, equipping the terminal with three sensors driven by a 108 megapixel resolution camera.

But, as a novelty in this sense, Samsung aims at solve the focus problems experienced by the S20 Ultra through a improved laser focus system, which will support the main camera.

On the other hand, also the telephoto has been improved, and is now brighter. Its digital zoom capability has also been reduced to a maximum of 50x, which should provide better quality results than the S20 Ultra's maximum of 100x.

3. Three years of updates, finally

Probably the biggest news of all yesterday: Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra will receive system updates for three years, thus giving a turning to Samsung's strategy in terms of support.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the most cutting-edge model in the new Note20 series.

But they won't be the only ones, as Samsung has confirmed that too its entire high-end Galaxy S10 will benefit from this strategy.

4. The first screen with adaptive refresh rate and Gorilla Glass Victus

One detail that went unnoticed during the Note20 presentation is the fact that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra introduces a pioneering screen in several respects.

The first is the fact that it is the first panel with an adaptive refresh rate, so that the panel will be able to dynamically adjust its refresh rate based on the displayed content.

So, for example, when Always On Display mode is displayed, the refresh rate is reduced down to 1Hz and varies between 24, 30 and 120Hz when playing video content.

The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Galaxy Z Fold 2 are the first high-refresh rate mobile devices with variable refresh rate support. Hopefully this leads to much better battery life.

- Mishaal Rahman (ishaMishaalRahman) 5 agosto 2020

But that's not all: the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is also the first mobile to arrive with Gorilla Glass Victus technology, responsible for protecting the mobile phone screen. This new glass is expected to offer greater resistance to shocks and scratches.

5. New "Ultra Wide Band" chip

It was mentioned in passing by Samsung during the presentation, but it's worth dwelling on that the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is one of the first phones on the market to incorporate a ultra-wideband chip, which will allow for much faster connections between devices.

In that sense, Samsung has confirmed that this technology will enable faster file transfers between devices, using systems such as the new Android Near Share.

6. Samsung DeX, now without cables

Even the DeX platform has received a renewal with this new generation of the Note series, so that now users of the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra will be able to use this utility wirelessly.

To do this, simply connect the devices to any type of Smart TV.

7. More than 100 Xbox games on mobile devices

Some of the Xbox games you can play on the Galaxy Note20.

Taking advantage of its good relationship with Microsoft, Samsung has decided to making the Galaxy Note20 the ultimate mobile gaming machine thanks to compatibility with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

This will make it possible use the Xbox Game Pass app to play Xbox titles directly on mobile through the cloud. In this sense, Samsung will also offer a special bundle along with its new devices.

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