The 5 best weapons for Call of Duty Multiplayer: Mobile

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The weapons you select in a Call of Duty: Mobile multiplayer match can be the difference between winning or losing, as you must choose the one that is most appropriate for the situation. In this case, we are talking about the standard GM mode where one team faces off against another until they reach a certain number of kills and thus achieve victory.

The most advisable thing is use assault weapons fast and precise, even if it also depends on the scenario in which the battle takes place. For that reason, here are some good options that you should consider in order to have a better chance of winning in Multiplayer.


BK57 – Call of Duty: Mobile

It might not be the most powerful, but maybe it is one of the most balanced in absolute for its characteristics. It is best known for its accuracy, it is amazing how this weapon can make things easier when aiming and shooting thanks to its cadence and mobility. Without a doubt, perfect for making a good losing streak in this mode. Below, we leave you its characteristics:

  • Harm: 49
  • Precision: 67
  • Range: 53
  • Cadence: 63
  • Mobility: 60


LK24 – Call of Duty: Mobile

It is probably as good as the BK57, in fact they have very similar characteristics, only the LK24 has only a very minor difference in terms of damage and range. It's good enough for any occasion, so don't hesitate to give it a try. These are its characteristics:

  • Harm: 47
  • Precision: 68
  • Range: 55
  • Cadence: 62
  • Mobility: 60


M4 – Call of Duty: Mobile

It is perhaps one of the most popular, in both Multiplayer and Battle Royale. It adapts very well to any style of attachment depending on the accessories you add, which makes it very versatile when it comes to indoor and outdoor environments. Its features are as follows:

  • Harm: 45
  • Precision: 69
  • Range: 45
  • Cadence: 63
  • Mobility: 60

DL Q33

DL Q33 – Call of Duty: Mobile

Do you consider yourself a good sniper in Call of Duty: Mobile? Then you should start using the DL Q33, the most powerful and effective in its class. It has unmatched features with which you will feel comfortable in scenarios where you can handle long-range attacks. In fact, it is capable of eliminating an enemy with a single hit. The characteristics of the DL Q33 are:

  • Harm: 90
  • Precision: 60
  • Range: 95
  • Cadence: 15
  • Mobility: 45


PDW-57 – Call of Duty: Mobile

The PDW-57 is one of the most used by gamers and it is for a very good reason. It is small, but very dangerous, as it has high damage, is light and has moderately good accuracy, although what is most striking about this weapon is that it has the ability to carry a good amount of ammunition, above all if it has an extended charger. Without a doubt, it is one of the most recommended when it comes to medium or short distance fights. Its features are as follows:

  • Harm: 90
  • Precision: 40
  • Range: 25
  • Cadence: 50
  • Mobility: 75
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