The 4 Xiaomi submarks you need to know yes or yes

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We always tell you that Xiaomi launches a large variety of products on the market, and the truth is that it is, but on many occasions the company does not do it directly, but rather through sub-brands in which he either owns a large part of the capital or directly owns the entire company.

Today we tell you which are the 4 Xiaomi sub-brands that interest us most and the reasons you have for not losing sight of them. Effectively, it is very likely that we have told you about their products on more than one occasion, let's see what they are!

The 4 Xiaomi sub-brands you should keep track of


Perhaps Amazfit is the most known Xiaomi sub-company ever, and it owes it to its smartwatches, such as the Amazfit Bip or the Amazfit GTS, which offer excellent value for money. surprising results from every point of view, and a variety in the catalog that we really like.

Amazfit is dedicated to the production of smartwatches and does something very well, taking care of the design and betting on the introduction of useful features to users, regardless of whether we will use it for sporting purposes or not.

Right now, a few months after the launch of the Amazfit GTS, that is without a doubt the best smartwatch you can buy for its price, we are waiting to see the next launches of the company, which is also betting on circular crown designs.


On the other hand we have Mijia, who is the specialist in smart home items, such as toothbrushes, light sensors and even nail clippers that can help make our home smarter and more automated.

It is a company with a large number of products on the market, some of which, of course, do not connect to the internet nor should, as said nail clippers or your thermos. However, they have a large home automation suite that is sold on many occasions directly under the Xiaomi brand and that you can control through the Mi Home application.


As you have seen, Xiaomi establishes a certain separation between its sub-brands depending on the products they sell, and Yeelight, as you can read in his own name, takes care of the lighting of large and small.

This company is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of smart lights, be they light bulbs, ceiling or table lamps, and the truth is that from what we have seen, they are quite well received among users thanks to the good reactivity they have.


The latter case is something special, since Aqara is dedicated to the same thing as Mijia: smart home devices that you can control from your mobile. A segment that seems to have a future and for which Xiaomi has seen fit to diversify its offer.

On the part of this company we find products such as a humidity and temperature sensor, motion sensors, smart lamps or sockets that we can control from the mobile, so that we can have control of our whole house from the smartphone.

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