The 21 Best UHD & 4K Wallpapers for Mobile (2021)

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In this article we offer you the best wallpapers that you can download for free in the highest quality for your mobile. The time has come for a change: leave behind the pixelated backgrounds that have only ruined the appearance of the terminal and Go full resolution with these Ultra HD and 4K wallpapers for mobile devices.

There is no specific theme in this selection, so you can find UHD wallpapers for all tastes: landscapes, abstract drawings, animals, flowers or science fiction scenarios, without missing space wallpapers, one of our favorite categories, or superhero wallpapers with the highest resolution. Are you ready to choose your favorites?

The 21 best UHD & 4K wallpapers for mobile (2020)

The resolution of an image refers to the number of pixels per inch it contains. The higher the resolution, the more pixels will make up the image e all details will be appreciated better image. In this article we focus on Ultra High Definition, or UHD resolution, characterized by dimensions of 2160 x 3840 pixels.

As we said, the time has come to leave low-quality wallpapers behind and move on to UHD and 4K images, where every detail can be clearly perceived. Our UHD wallpaper gallery consists of 21 images, albeit we leave you a short selection in so you can see some of them.

As you can see, there is no shortage of classics like Darth Vader, our beloved space-inspired graphic design images and the occasional abstract image dominated by bold colors. In the full gallery you can also download beautiful landscapes where nature falls in love, science fiction scenes and yes, abbiamo also launched some other superheroes (They clicked, ehm).

The gallery above is just a glimpse of the 21 images that make up our selection of Ultra HD and 4K wallpapers. can download all funds in full resolution to the Google Drive folder that we created to archive them by clicking on the following button.

Remember that customization is one of the funniest sections of Android, the one it allows you to play around with the look of your mobile or tablet until you get the one you like best. In addition to being able to change the wallpapers whenever you want, remember that you can also customize your Android with widgets like this Planner and calendar ideal for the home screen.

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