Test the hidden functions of your Xiaomi mobile camera with this trick

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We have already seen how to access the hidden CIT menu of your Xiaomi mobile to solve errors and problems. What not everyone knows is that the brand's terminals hide even more secret menus, which they can be used for access and activate hidden camera functions mobile di Xiaomi.

As explained in XiaomiToday, you do not need to have advanced permissions to access the hidden functions of your Xiaomi camera. In fact, the process of activating these functions is very simple and anyone can do it.

The camera of your Xiaomi mobile hides more secrets than you know

Activate the experimental functions in your Xiaomi's camera before anyone else

Before starting, it is necessary to keep in mind that if Xiaomi has decided to keep these functions hidden, there is a good reason. Some of them might not working as expected because they are still under development or are not compatible with all models. However, others may be of some use such as the option to disable completely la beauty mode camera or enable parallel processing to speed up saving of images from the moment the capture button is pressed.

That said, the procedure for be able to access the hidden options menu in the MIUI camera, the steps to follow are as follows:

  • Open the file manager included in MIUI. If you have a mobile with Android One like Xiaomi Mi A3, you can use Google Files or any other file explorer for Android.
  • Go to the "DCIM" folder and from there to the "Camera" folder.
  • Display the explorer options menu to create a new folder or empty file and give it the following name: lab_options_visible

On the right, the hidden options menu of the MIUI camera

With these simple steps, you will have already enabled the experimental options menu. Now you just have to access it. To do this, you just need open the camera app and tap the gear icon at the top left, opening the camera settings menu. Once inside, touch " Additional settings »To enter a menu full of hidden functions and experiment that you can turn on or off. As indicated in the official forum of the brand, although the list varies with each MIUI update, among the options included we can find the following:

  • Internal magical tools: tools for internal use to optimize image quality
  • Face detection: The camera can detect the face and frame it in a frame. This option is disabled by default
  • Hide face detection frame automatically: Hides the box that appears when the previous option is activated, but allows the camera to continue to detect the face
  • Beautify in Portrait mode: Turn on beauty mode when using portrait mode
  • Activate dual cameras: Use the dual camera when taking photos
  • Activate MFNR: Multi-frame noise reduction. With this feature enabled, the device will take six different shots when taking a photo to overlay them and reduce image noise
  • Activate SR: super resolution mode
  • Enable parallel processing: processing parallel to speed up image and video processing

In case you wish hide this settings menu, you just need to access File Explorer ed again delete the folder created earlier. Remember to enable or disable any features you've changed before deleting the folder, otherwise you'll need to re-create it to make any changes.

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