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If you are a user of the instant messaging app of Telegram, you should know that there is one web version, so you don't have to install any application on your computer and you can use it wherever you are, you can use it even without with your mobile phone on, we'll show you how get the most out of this web version of the app.

After the notification of WhatsApp's change to the new privacy policy, Telegram has received a massive migration of users to its application, reaching the chilling figure of 25 million users in 72 hours.

WhatsApp took a step back a few days ago and it won't be until May of this year when the change to this company-focused privacy policy is made, but that hasn't made many users come back and most have decided to stay on Telegram.

Sign in to Telegram Web

If it's your first time opening Telegram on the web, you need to login, for this you will have to select your country followed by your phone number, you should know that to access Telegram Web for the first time, you must have your mobile phone at hand.

After entering the phone number you will receive a code to your Telegram application which you must enter on the web to be able to access, once entered you will be able to have Telegram Web open.

As additional information, whenever you want access Telegram Web on a different computer or browser, you will need to have your mobile phone at hand and if you clear your browser's browsing data, you'll also need a mobile phone to access.

Close any active sessions you have

Telegram will notify you via a private chat whenever you log in on any device, then show you the login time, device type, and location too.

In case you are not, you can close all the sessions you have active e prevent them from using the application on your behalf, to close or view all active sessions follow these steps:

  1. Click on three lines that you found in the upper left.

  1. Now click on "Settings".

  1. Then look for the option «Active sessions» and press.

  1. Now you will see all the sessions you have open and you can close them all or one by one.

Set up notifications

After logging into Telegram Web you can activate notifications, you can also configure the mode in which you want them and you can also adjust their sound, for this you will have to:

  1. Click on the three lines you have at the top left.

  1. Now you need to click "Settings".

  1. Then you will see a section with a bell where you can change the notifications to your liking.

Other web version settings

In the same settings section you will be able to see a set of additional settings, including the notifications we mentioned earlier, but now you can configure other aspects such as:

  1. The way you enter a new line of text.
  2. The language of the app.
  3. You will be able to change your password.
  4. Activate the option «Show sensitive content».
  5. Active Sessions.
  6. Sign off.

In addition to all these options you will also be able to change your profile picture, username and your name to display on your profile when a contact sees it. You may miss features like changing the chat background or changing its appearance, but those are features that aren't in the web version.

edit your contacts

In the web version of Telegram you will be able to manage all contacts that you have associated with Telegram, you will also be able to see, edit and manage all the related options for them.

  1. To see your contacts on Telegram Web you just have to click on the settings and then on "Contacts".

  1. From now on you will be able to see all the contacts and perform the actions you need.

Now that you know all the Telegram tricks in its web version, all you have to do is start using the lightest version of the app, and thus avoid unnecessary downloads and more programs on your computer.

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