Switch or Commutador: what is it and what is it for? How does it work and what types are there?

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Knowing what a switch or a switch is for on a network is a very useful aspect to get the most out of this accessory.

Although there is currently a tendency to use routers to connect different devices to the same network. Thanks to this tool the same function is generated, guaranteeing in turn a much higher degree of security.

It was also the method used before the creation of devices that wirelessly transmit the Internet.

Through this article you will receive the basic information necessary to know the qualities of this tool and generate so a better connection network.

The Switch or switch will provide excellent internet stability of your home or business as well as provide protection for your equipment, to take full advantage of your equipment you just need to know how to set it up correctly.

What is the purpose of the switch or switch in the connection between computers?

There are many people who often use this tool without fully knowing its function or the possible benefits that can be gained through them.

A switch is a device that allows you to interconnect a local area network (LAN) determined by Ethernet, this acts as a interconnection device between different computer networks that work at the data link layer.

Switch devices are used to create LANs or local networks, which are the set of computer equipment and devices interconnected to each other to establish common communication via wireless links with the server.

These are used when you want to use the same network for multiple computers, it is responsible for being a connection filter to improve safety and performance.


What does the operation of these switching devices consist of?

As the name indicates, it acts as a switch for transfer different types of data through different devices connected to the same network.

In this way, they process the information that is transmitted and reach the ends of the Internet cabling.

Knowing what the switch or switch is for, as well as the function of the Internet, establishes a direct relationship of tools to transmit data to each other.

It is important to emphasize that the headers through which connections are made have a MAC address of the senders and recipients of the information.

The switch's job is to save the data of all connected devices in a table of MAC addresses, accompanied by the port where it is located.

Buffer system

The switching processes that run through them have a Buffer system which acts as a key element during the fulfillment of the function.

They are areas arranged in memory where any information transmitted is stored before being sent to the corresponding port.

General classification of the types of switches available on the market

Despite the fact that each model and version provided by each company is characterized by the generation of a specific function; all styles of switches managed by organizations they are integrated into five types. Here are 3.

Switch desktop o desktop

Knowing what a computer system switch is for, this guy takes care of doing the main functions of which has already been mentioned.

It is recommended for home areas or businesses that have little equipment, so they only have four to eight connection ports.

Switch Edge gestiti

Mainly used for the connection between medium and large equipment, so that they can configure the management of its operation. It is essential in lower tier companies, so its presentation varies from 16 to 48 ports.

Low performance line switches

It is characterized by its size and the average degree of performance in terms of connection. Created to serve as the core of a network.

It is a version capable of generating advanced configuration, security and data transmission functions.

Ha 24 to 48 connection ports, accompanied by add-on modules and other high-performance cables and fiber.

Another element you need to create your LAN network besides the switch is the use of Ethernet cables. An Ethernet cable is a cable that has the ability to connect any component or device that has an Ethernet port to the network of networks (Internet), to take advantage of a fast and efficient Internet it is important to know how to choose the best ethernet cable.

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